Customer Testimonials
Converts from Crystal Ball®

As a former Crystal Ball® user, I found @RISK to be much more user friendly and its interface truly intuitive. Making the switch has definitely put me at an advantage.
Steve Soeder, Suncor Energy

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I downloaded this @RISK trial for an enterprise risk management class I am taking at the University of Georgia. This tool is very powerful and I would recommend it to anyone needing the ability to run simulations on differing risk profiles.
Patrick Casey, Account Manager, AT&T Wholesale

Palisade has done a GREAT job with @RISK 5.0! The user friendliness of this new version allows for quicker and easier modeling capabilities. One of its key new features is the ability to eliminate @RISK functions from probabilistic models. In our experience, this has allowed for a better sharing of models with 'Non - @RISK' clients. Although they are unable to grasp the probabilistic features of the models, they are still able to understand the framework applied to construct the models. Another great new feature is the ability to browse simulation results while viewing the model. This feature makes it easier to navigate the model and analyze results simultaneously. Also, the new toolbar allows for easy navigation through the different options / settings of @RISK.
Christian L. Cabral, Analyst - Corporate Consulting Group, Huron Consulting Group

@RISK is the easiest risk analysis tool on the market, with the most capabilities. Risk analysis within Fluor has moved up to a different level because of Palisade training on the software.
Waymon Lofton, Oil and Gas Global Estimating,
Fluor Corporation

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The DecisionTools Suite

We needed a set of practical, comprehensive, broadly applicable tools to anticipate what the problems might be. I think we have that now, and @RISK and PrecisionTree are really key components in that set of tools. They are easy to learn, and they allow us to enter reasonable ranges of possible values rather than fixed estimates. It’s an effective approach to minimising the risks of disease in our efforts to conserve endangered species.
Dr. Douglas Armstrong, Henry Doorly Zoo, Omaha NE

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The software is very intuitive. In just an hour, I was able to complete a predictive analysis using my data.
Jim Webre, Drexel University

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StatTools makes me a better analyst. I can provide more analysis, in a shorter time than I could before. I find it easier to use than setting up an Excel analysis. Also, StatTools has the standard statistical tests already set up.
Richard Cotman of Computer Sciences Raytheon

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@RISK for Project

@RISK for Project delivers a richer picture. It provides a powerful and flexible tool that works with Project to facilitate model building and risk analysis.
Steve Soeder, Suncor Energy

@RISK for Project brings risk analysis capabilities to project management software in an easier-to-use, less expensive format.
Steve Soeder, Suncor Energy

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When I first read about Palisade's @RISK and BestFit software, I simply had to have it. This software is really amazing. For some years I've been looking for a flexible product like this. No more stressful late nights working with static Excel spreadsheets in order to meet my clients' deadlines. Palisade's software really makes it easier for me to do my work in less time and with much more fun, too!
Rolf van Lingen, Logion, transportation,
distribution and inventory management consultancy

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User Conferences

The conference far exceeded my expectations. I walked away from almost every case study and software presentation with little bits of insight that I’ve already begun using to enhance my own models.
Dave McAdam, Business Development Manager, Global R&D, Novelis

I came away from the conference very satisfied. The conference empowered me with future skill sets, allowed me to observe how other companies are using the tools, and I even made some very valuable contacts.
Ron Webster, Senior Financial Risk Analyst, Eastman Chemical Company

Good location, good speakers. The event was perfect.
Frank Walavalkar, LPL Financial

Gordon Norman’s presentation was topical, complete and easy to understand and follow.
Rich Mutell, DaVita Clinical Research

Overall, the Forum was very good…Presenter Svetlana Sigalova of Vertex Pharmaceuticals was very on topic and knowledgeable.
Michael Huston, Huston Associates, LLC

I gained new insights from the conference that I can use in my work.
Antonio Gibson, Mutual of Omaha Bank

The keynotes, case studies and the informative introductory sessions to the specific Palisade analytic software and its many diverse applications were extraordinarily well done. I gleaned a lot from this conference that has taken me time to process fully. The applications within healthcare and biomedical research appear to be a 'no-brainer', for facilitating more efficient and effective movement of various discoveries and innovations forward.
Suzanne B. Schwartz, M.D., Assistant Professor of Surgery, Weill Medical College of Cornell

The Palisade conference was a great opportunity to meet both experts from other industries and risk analyst professionals. I gained new insights both from presenations as well as discussions. The conference was very well managed and the schedule was well balanced to allow time for presentations, software Q&A sessions, and informal discussions. Overall, the conference was indeed useful and enjoyable.
Joerg Guenther, IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG

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I've had a chance to look at the 5.5 features of RISKOptimizer and I wanted to let you know that they look very promising. Not nesting the control features helps a lot ... Being able to define range constraints really helped, too. I've noticed may other changes, and look forward to using the 5.5 version and learning what @RISK changes there are. Please pass along our thanks to the developers.
Mel J. Meinhardt, Malbec Partners, Inc.

You might be trying to calculate the optimum size of a production run at the same time as trying to set a selling price for that product. ...[RISKOptimizer] can tell you what production run will give you the best cost/output quality ratio and what selling price would best ensure that the entire run is sold.
PC Magazine

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I've checked Evolver's accuracy by comparing its solutions to problems with closed-form analytical solutions, and the agreement is very close. Evolver can even solve mathematically singular stacking sequences, which are literally impossible to converge upon using gradient-based methods. In short, I'm pleased!
Dmitry Sorkin, Dimanomix Composite Manufacturing

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I found it very easy to use and learn.
Vikas Mehra, Project Manager, Citigroup

I have used the whole range of products under the DecisionTools umbrella, and cannot speak highly enough of the quality, power and flexibility of the entire software suite. For example, @RISK and PrecisionTree have been applied to risk assessments for oil and gas projects, modelling of extreme environmental loads, as well as evaluation of biological and food-related hazards. I have yet to find a risk problem I could not handle with the software!
Dr.Gus Cammaert, Senior Consultant with DNV, Aberdeen, Scotland

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Everyone makes assumptions about the future. With TopRank and the DecisionTools Suite, the user can evaluate the sensitivity of his results and conclusions to those assumptions. Combining that with RISKOptimizer's capabilities for determining your optimum strategy given constraints - an investment portfolio is just the beginning.
Jeff Voss, actuary and private investor

Training & Consulting

After taking the class I'm better able to perform risk analysis. I'd recommend Palisade seminars to my colleagues.
Karl Vischer, Bonneville Power Administration

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Technical Support

I am writing now to commend the technical support, particularly Stan Brown, who has answered quickly, thoroughly, and with patience and generosity, a number of questions and a couple of challenges I was having - sourced mostly in not understanding the split software generations among the tools within the DecisionTools Suite. I expressed my satisfaction to him directly, but I wanted others in the company to know that customers do appreciate finding a real person, who personalizes responses and is fluent with their products. Essentially, these people become the face of the company, and from my perspective, I couldn’t have asked for better. I deal with a number of on-line businesses and speciality tools for things like regional air quality modelling and speciality technical programs. The responses I received from Stan (and the turnaround time) have exceeded what I get elsewhere. I’ve made Palisade tools the centre of two business proposals, one of which is underway. It lets me take the next step of “recommending the product” when I am confident that an uninitiated user can receive quality support.

   I always feel that we don’t hear enough when things go well, so I offer Stan Brown some “flowers for the living” and kudos from a very satisfied customer.
J. Des Cousens, Ph.D, P.Eng, Environmental Science and Engineering Consulting (ESEC)

I want to recognize the outstanding technical support provided by Stan Brown over the past week. The installation and use of StatTools on my company supplied PC proved to be problematic due to a file deletion caused by a scan routine on my company PC. Stan was very systematic with his approach to the problem and offered solutions in order of implementation ease. After exhausting all possibilities at his disposal he offered to participate in a conference call with UTC IT personnel to solve the problem. The conference call was a success due to Stan's computer knowledge, communication skills, and friendly/approachable demeanor. It was my pleasure to work with Stan on solving this problem.
Nathan D. Kohnle, Engineer, Hamilton Sundstrand Aerospace, Space Shuttle APU Engineering, a division of United Technology Corporation

It is a very rare occasion that I come across a support person that I can comfortably work through relatively complex technical issues with. Your technical support advisor – Amy – was cheerful, pleasant and easy to deal with. With her disarming charm and easy going demeanor , Amy was easily able to coax the right side of my brain to methodically troubleshoot. If only the world had more advisors with the same skill level and demeanor, I am sure world peace would soon follow.
Don Harer, Navigant Capital Advisors, LLC

I have just had the pleasure of dealing with Palisade's help desk and technical support. With any other operation, that would be a snide lead-in to a long
rant — but not with Palisade. I have never had a bad experience with Palisade support. Every time I have submitted a question or had a problem I have gotten a prompt, accurate, and courteous reply. These guys are the best — please pass along my compliments, and feel free to use me as an unsolicited testimonial.
Dean Cardno, Analyst, British Columbia Hydro

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