Palisade Experts’ Corner
Practical, How-To Video Lessons to Get the Most from DecisionTools Software

Welcome to Palisade Experts’ Corner, a series of how-to video tutorials on getting the most from @RISK and DecisionTools Suite software. The videos cover a range of topics such as: getting started, advanced analyses, and industry-specific example applications.

Whether you want a quick lesson on how to run your first simulation, or you’d like to learn how to solve common problems in your industry, one of our experts can help. We are continually adding new videos to our library on a diverse range of topics.

Palisade experts bring many years of experience from a wide variety of backgrounds. All have extensive knowledge of quantitative risk and decision analysis. Learn more about some of our experts from their brief bios below.

Video Tutorials
More videos are always being added for additional products and applications -
keep checking back!

watch Financial Portfolio Models, by Dr. Chris Albright (23:03)

watch Oil Drilling, by Dr. Chris Albright (16:17)

watch New Product Projection using NPV, by Thompson Terry (22:29)

watch @RISK 的介绍 - 基础篇 讲解:刘海翔 (Freeman Liu) (35:40, in Chinese)

watch Modelo Básico de Flujo de Efectivo, por Fernando Hernández (30:47, in Spanish)





Expert Bios

Professor Chris AlbrightDr. Chris Albright
Professor Emeritus of Operations & Decision Technologies,
Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

Dr. Albright first joined Indiana University in 1972, and came to be known as the Quant Father at the Kelley School of Business. For nearly 40 years, he taught MBA students how to make better decisions. His professional interests and expertise are in spreadsheet modeling for optimization, statistical analysis and simulation, developing Excel add-ins for statistics, statistics for research, stochastic models in management science, quantitative methods for MBA core, web page development and database access with .NET, data mining, and VBA for Excel. Drawing from finance, marketing, and operations, Dr. Albright’s teaching style has always been to analyze real business problems using practical quantitative techniques. He is the author and co-author of many leading MBA textbooks, including VBA for Modelers, Data Analysis and Decision Making (with Wayne Winston and Christopher Zappe), and Practical Management Science (with Wayne Winston). Dr. Albright also developed the statistical add-in StatPro for Excel, later developed as StatTools by Palisade Corporation. Currently, Dr. Albright provides training, development, and consulting services for Palisade Corporation.

Professor Chris AlbrightFernando Hernández
Senior Consultant, Palisade Corporation

Fernando Hernández' areas of expertise are banking, finance, manufacturing, project evaluation, market forecasting and pricing. Fernando had done extensive work in training, consulting and developing financial applications and decision making models for financial and manufacturing companies using Palisade software. He has developed and taught courses including Intro to Corporate Finance, Financial Simulation and Investment decisions. Since 1992, he has created financial models, risk analyses and feasibility studies using @RISK. Fernando earned his undergraduate degree in Finance Administration from the University of Costa Rica. As a Fulbright scholar, he completed his MBA at Indiana University majoring in Finance & MIS.

Freeman Liu

Freeman LIU graduated from Peking University and is also a Microsoft Certified System Engineer. He is familiar with both Eastern and Western business culture and he speaks English, Chinese and Japanese as working languages. He brings 16 years of Decision making and management experience by serving clients from Fortune 500, government, education, and non-for-profit organizations in Asia Pacific region with management roles in global companies like Toyota, Fujitsu, Accenture, etc.

Freeman’s main areas of focus are: Enterprise Strategy & Business Architecture, Entrepreneur Brain Trust, Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Management Consulting, Management & Information system Training, ERP systems, Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM), Change Management (CM), Project Management, M&A, Overseas investments, Government affairs and public relationships, Enterprise Operation Optimization, etc.

Professor Chris AlbrightGustavo Vinueza
Consultant, Palisade Corporation

Gustavo Vinueza is a Systems Engineer from University in Cuenca, Ecuador. He also earned a MBA from Torcuato Di Tella University in Argentina and a Ms. In Finance from Adolfo Ibáñez University in Chile. His main topics of interest include financial and operational modeling, including scientific and academic research into business practice as well as data mining relative matters. He has 16 years of experience and he’s been a consultant for companies in several industries: finance & banking, telecommunications, insurance and IT related services.

His experience includes managing Project portfolios both operational and IT related, cost reduction programs, public purchases bidding, operational controls, capacity analysis and audit processes and software development projects, besides technological infrastructure implementation. He has also earned diplomas in Project Management, Usability, Business Process Management and Business Analytics.


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