Evolver Key Features

Feature Benefit
Genetic algorithm optimization Find the best global solution to complex, real-life problems Genetic algorithm optimization
OptQuest solving engine The OptQuest engine integrates Tabu Search, Neural Networks, Scatter Search, and Linear/Integer Programming into a single composite method. It provides great results – and quickly – on many types of models.
100% Excel calculations Highest level of computation accuracy
Seamless integration into Microsoft Excel Never leave your spreadsheet; get up to speed quickly
Streamlined interface Fewer nested dialogs and fast model setup Streamlined interface
Ranges for adjustable cells and constraints Streamlined model setup and editing - optimization parameters can be specified for a single Excel cell, but also for entire ranges of cells
Six solving methods In some optimization problems we want to find the best numeric values of parameters. In other problems we want to find the best ordering of items, or the best way of assigning tasks to slots in a schedule. Evolver works with different types of optimization problems
Discrete adjustable cells Specify increments (such as batches of 10) within adjustable cells ranges, improving accuracy for many types of models. Also speeds up optimization.
Progress window At-a-glance status and handy playback controls Progress window
Evolver Watcher Monitor progress toward best solutions Evolver Watcher
Automatic selection of solving engine Saves time and improves accuracy by automatically using the most appropriate engine for your model
Intelligent constraint handling With OptQuest models, RISKOptimizer will not attempt solutions that fail constraints, make optimizations faster. Non-linear constraints are also faster Intelligent constraint handling
Genetic operators Genetic operators are methods of performing actions that are part of any genetic optimization. For example, there are different methods of "mutating" solutions, that is introducing slight variation into the possible solutions in memory. There are also different "selection" methods, that is different ways of selection possible solutions from memory that will be used to create new possible solutions. Evolver offers a number of genetic operators. By default it'll select the best combination of operators automatically. The user also has the option of selecting operators manually
Original, Best, Last model updating Instantly see the effects of three solutions on your entire model
Reports in Excel Save and share optimization and simulation data
Application Settings dialog Define a wide range of default settings for all models
Excel Developer Kit (XDK) and .NET Automate and customize Evolver through a complete library of commands and functions for VBA
Linear programming If an optimization problem is linear (that is both the optimized function and the constraints are linear), Evolver will now solve it using a linear programming algorithm. This makes the optimization very fast, and also ensures that the solution found is the best possible solution. Linear programming