Palisade Custom Runtime (PCR)

Palisade Custom Runtime (PCR)

Custom Applications Outside the Spreadsheet – for Web, Network, or Desktop

Palisade Custom Runtime (PCR) is a programming toolkit for adding the power of @RISK and DecisionTools functionality to any Windows application. It is used for creating custom applications outside the spreadsheet environment, such as over the web, a corporate network, or desktop Windows systems. Our technical team can harness a variety of DecisionTools technologies for use in your own custom solution, including Monte Carlo simulation, graphs and reports, and probability distribution fitting from @RISK, optimization from RISKOptimizer and Evolver, neural networks from NeuralTools, and more. In addition, applications can use an entirely customized interface, or elements of existing DecisionTools interfaces as desired.

Web Distribution

Web solutions can allow users to access their application from any browser, anywhere in the world. The @RISK Monte Carlo simulation functionality supports multithreading, allowing the development of scalable web applications. For instance, a brokerage firm may deploy a financial planning tool over the web, enabling analysts in remote offices to enter model parameters, run analyses, and view results. Model structure, logic, and libraries are all stored on a web server, ensuring consistency for all end-users and removing local installation and support issues.

Run live web examples of PCR custom applications

Flexible Licensing

Unlike an Excel-based solution, users of a PCR solution do not need to have a full license of @RISK or other DecisionTools software installed to run their application. Instead, PCR libraries are licensed and installed, so end-users don’t even need to have Excel installed on their computers. PCR licensing is handled on an annual basis, ensuring ongoing maintenance and support, as well as providing more flexibility for budgeting.

Fault Tree Analysis
PCR was used to create a web-based fault tree analysis tool that incorporates Monte Carlo simulation.
Gantt Charts
A web-based tool solution that optimizes the schedule of complex operations was created using PCR, with reports that include dynamic Gantt Charts.
Heat Map
A heat map was created in PCR application designed to gauge the probability and severity of different risks occurring in project planning.
Heat Map Heat Map
TOP: PCR is used to create applications to analyze project risk mitigation strategies.

BOTTOM: A heat map was created in PCR application designed to guage the probability and severity of different risks occurring in project planning.

Benefits of PCR


    PCR can be deployed in desktop, network, or in web environments, giving you more flexibility in how you distribute PCR-enabled applications.


    There are speed advantages to an application outside the spreadsheet environment. Very large Monte Carlo simulation or optimization models may run faster in a dedicated application because they do not require the additional routines executed during spreadsheet recalculation.


    Included with the subscription is not only the right to use PCR licenses, but the latest version upgrades and full support as well. There is no separate maintenance fee with PCR.


    Because PCR is licensed on a subscription, you are not required to maintain the same number of users from year to year. This enables you to scale down or up you PCR deployment as business needs change.


    Palisade can harness all the features of @RISK and virtually any other tool in the DecisionTools Suite to ensure the most robust, insightful solution for your needs.


Run Live Examples See applications from Palisade Custom Development. Custom Web Application Examples
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