Custom Development
Customized software solutions for risk and decision analysis

Custom Applications in Excel

Palisade can write custom solutions that run in Excel, integrated with powerful spreadsheet models you write or we design for you. Palisade Custom Development has written applications for cost estimation, asset management, retirement planning, oil and gas prospecting, and more - all utilizing @RISK and other DecisionTools technology in Excel. In some cases, we help construct a new spreadsheet model, while in others, we enhance an existing client model. In each case, we work in close consultation with you, the client. The interface is customized to include only what the users need, hiding unused @RISK functionality and preventing user access to the underlying model logic. We can also automate processes like reporting, generating only the charts and data desired.

The result is a perfectly tailored application ready to roll out to your workgroup. And because the application is in Excel, the training required for users is minimal. We can create applications for you using a range of powerful analytics, including Monte Carlo simulation, decision trees, statistics, neural networks, and optimization.

Benefits of Excel-Based Solutions

  • Familiar environment – Most of your users probably use Excel already, so getting them to try new solutions in a comfortable environment is a much easier sell.
  • Faster deployment – Similarly, because most users already have Excel installed, it's simple to deploy a custom solution designed to work within the spreadsheet environment, saving significant IT hassles.
  • Flexible modeling – Palisade's custom Excel-based solutions take full advantage of Excel's virtually unlimited modeling capabilities, allowing you to accurately represent nearly any business or engineering problem.
  • Hassle-free updating – In addition, making changes to model logic is a simple matter of updating formulas rather than some complex proprietary coding language.
  • Full DecisionTools functionality – Palisade can harness all the features of @RISK and virtually any other tool in the DecisionTools Suite to ensure the most robust, insightful solution for your needs.
  • Integration and reporting – Our team can easily integrate with your database by using Excel's own data capabilities, which allows you to import data and dynamically refresh every simulation. In addition, Palisade can utilize third party reporting tools to generate world-class visualization of your results.

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Palisade Custom Development has written risk and decision analytics for clients separately from our existing software technologies. We can customize any analytical solution to meet your needs.

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