Version 7.6

What's New in @RISK and DecisionTools Suite 7.6

With version 7.6, @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite remain on the cutting edge of analytics by integrating fully with the new Excel 2019. Furthermore, display improvements and user feedback features set the stage for even better versions to come.

Compatibility with Excel 2019

@RISK and the DecisionTools Suite 7.6 are fully compatible with the just-released Microsoft Excel 2019 for Windows. Excel 2019 boasts a range of improvements that you can take advantage of in your @RISK and DecisionTools models.

  • New functions (such as a series of IFS functions, a CONCAT function for concatenation, and TEXTJOIN for combining text from multiple ranges) make general modeling and data handling much easier for any modeler.
  • Improved charting and sharing capabilities will help you collaborate more effectively with other DecisionTools users.
  • PivotTables have also been improved to offer more flexible data management, search, and other and ease-of-use changes – critical for anyone modeling data in conjunction with DecisionTools software.
  • And general use features will save time for everyone!
Read the complete list of exciting improvements to Excel 2019.

Multi-select slicer
Multi-select slicer is just one way
PivotTables are more powerful in Excel 2019.

Improved Support for Multiple Displays

New version 7.6 offers a better user experience for modelers working with multiple monitors. Many @RISK and DecisionTools users are running complex analyses, requiring several screens, often of varying sizes, aspect ratios, and even DPI settings. This can create unexpected behavior working back and forth between displays. Version 7.6 addresses many common issues associated with a variety of display settings, leading to a more robust visual experience.

Multi-select slicer

User Feedback for Future Versions

Now, you have the opportunity to provide direct feedback to Palisade on your usage of @RISK and DecisionTools Suite to help improve future versions – all without any extra effort. Version 7.6 lets you send fully anonymous data back to Palisade on which functions, features, and reports of DecisionTools software you use the most. This will enable our engineers to focus future improvements on areas that matter most to you! You can turn this feedback feature on or off at any time.

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