Customer Testimonials:
Converts from Crystal Ball
I had used Crystal Ball before and was planning to do so again this semester for the course I was teaching, but decided to give @RISK a try after watching the online demo. I am so glad I did! @RISK has superior capabilities, is very user-friendly, and provides thorough output reports. Its many simulation and plotting features allowed students to understand concepts which had puzzled them on the blackboard. The visualization tools are quite simply outstanding. At the end of the semester, the students said that learning @RISK was not only their favorite part in the course but the part they felt was most useful to give them an edge in industry. The bad news is that with software so easy to use, there really is no excuse not to incorporate risk in any situation!
Prof. Aurélie C. Thiele, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Lehigh University

As a former Crystal Ball® user, I found @RISK to be much more user friendly and its interface truly intuitive. Making the switch has definitely put me at an advantage.
Steve Soeder, Suncor Energy

My experience with switching to @RISK has been excellent, and I have used it in an unpublished report to a large Australian mine to make an estimate of the collateral trapping of terrestrial reptiles by historically uncapped boreholes following exploratory surveying.
The ability to present a probability distribution of the tonnage of lost fauna was the key to demonstrating the point of my findings, and had an immediate effect on the individuals to whom the data was presented. It added enormous value to the field data I had collected, because in the little time I had it was so easy to explain to the client what it was I was showing them.
The power and sophistication of @RISK compared to Crystal Ball® was very impressive, and it had much more depth in just about every respect—better reporting, better choice and control of distribution specification, better sensitivity analysis. I am a very satisfied @RISK switcher.
Alex Thomas, Didg Information Systems Pty Ltd, Collingwood VIC 3066, Australia

I absolutely love the product. The conversion of CB models to @RISK models using the CB Conversion Tool was painless and very thorough. I tested it on a very large, multisheet model, and it worked just fine. I particularly like the way that @RISK is integrated into Excel, producing real Excel functions. Just the ability to get rid of the Crystal Ball® limit on non-formulaic assumption cells is worth the transition.
Terrific product.
Henry Yennie, CNH Consulting, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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