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StatTools Adds Robust, Custom Statistics to Excel

30 October 2003, Newfield, NY - Now Excel users can do sophisticated statistical analyses right inside their spreadsheets. Palisade Corporation has released the most powerful statistics add-in yet for Microsoft Excel. Under development at the company for the past two years, StatToolsT combines intuitive data management with analytical power that rivals the top stand-alone statistics packages.

StatTools replaces Excel's built-in statistics with faster, more robust calculations, but users never have to leave the familiar environment of their spreadsheet. Just as important, StatTools gives users the ability to easily create their own customized statistical procedures-and make them available to other StatTools users.

Comprehensive and Customizable Statistics
StatTools is a complete statistics toolset for the Excel user. It includes not only 36 of the most commonly used statistical procedures, but also unprecedented capabilities for creating custom analyses. Using Excel's built-in VBA language, users can take advantage of StatTools' data management, charting, and reporting tools. Such custom procedures can be displayed on the StatTools menu and transferred to other StatTools users.

The package also features dynamically hot-linked calculations, so that any change in data value automatically updates the statistics report.

Expanding Library of Custom Analyses
Starting with this initial release of StatTools, Palisade will offer on a continuing basis custom analytical procedures as they are developed by the company and by expert users. The first in this line - the Nonparametric Analysis Pack - is available right now.

State-of-the-Art Data Management
Like stand-alone statistics software, StatTools provides full-function data and variable management. It makes importing data easy. Any file that can be read in Excel can be accessed by StatTools.

The software's data management functions include categorical data, stacked and unstacked data types, variable transformations, and random sample generation.

The user can define more than a thousand different datasets and, within each dataset, any number of variables. It is also significant that variables aren't constrained by column size-in fact, StatTools Pro allows over 16 million cases for a variable.

Standard and Professional Versions
Both the Standard and Professional versions of StatTools provide current standard procedures for statistical inference, forecasting, classification analysis, summary analyses and graphs, normality tests, and quality control.

The Professional version incorporates a complete, object-oriented programming interface. Custom statistical procedures may be added using Excel's built-in VBA programming language.

System Requirements
IBM PC compatible Pentium or higher; Microsoft Windows 98 or higher; Excel 97 or higher; 16 MB RAM free. Recommended: 32 MB RAM installed.

Pricing and Availability
$295 Standard; $495 Professional.

Technical Support
Free for the first 30 days, then available through Maintenance Plan.

Special Introductory Offers - Save Up to $150
For a limited time after the initial release of StatTools, customers who purchase the Standard Version will receive a free copy of the new book by Dr. Chris Albright, Learning Statistics with StatTools-- a $49.95 value

Customers who purchase the Professional Version with receive without charge a copy of Learning Statistics with StatTools ($49.95) and the Nonparametric Analysis Pack ($99.00)-for a total savings of $148.95.

Test Drive the Demo Today!
The trial version of StatTools is available at

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