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Procter & Gamble Adds PrecisionTree to
Company-Wide @RISK License

1 February 2001, Cininnati, OH - Procter & Gamble, a long-time customer of Palisade, has begun corporate-wide training on PrecisionTree. It will be the second Palisade tool to gain widespread adoption at P&G. @RISK, the risk analysis and simulation add-in for Excel, was the first to be used throughout the company starting back in 1993. According to Bob Hunt, Associate Director for Investment Analysis, more than 1,000 P&G staff members have been trained to use @RISK. As a result, P&G decision makers click on @RISK to analyze any decision involving investment—geographical expansion, production siting, new products, and extensions of product lines, for example.

Now Hunt is rolling out PrecisionTree in P&G’s business units around the world. These units often face complex investment option decisions that involve sequential steps in the decision process. In Hunt’s opinion, decision trees are really the only tool that can correctly value the options in these decisions. PrecisionTree, he says, "has been very useful in helping us break down complex projects into individual options, helping us understand the uncertainties, and ultimately helping us make superior decisions."

Palisade President Sam McLafferty echoed Hunt's assessment of PrecisionTree's role for P&G. "Every company faces multi-level decisions. For an industry leader like Procter & Gamble, where decisions can have global ramifications, applying a structured tree analysis becomes even more critical. And the Excel interface means P&G can adopt the technology painlessly."

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