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Risk Analytics Leader Palisade Corporation Publishes Three New Books by Operations Research Guru Roy Nersesian

28 September 2011, Ithaca, New York - Palisade Corporation,  the provider of the world's leading risk and decision analysis software, @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite, today announced the publication of three new books authored by Professor Roy L. Nersesian, the renowned operations management expert. The titles incorporate the company’s software to apply risk management best practices across a wide range of practical business problems. Prof. Nersesian uses a step-by-step, teach-by-example approach to explain important risk analysis concepts to decision-makers at every level. All the books are equipped with Excel spreadsheet example models that readers can apply in their work.

Palisade helps companies manage risk across a wide variety of industry sectors worldwide.  The company also offers comprehensive training, consulting and modeling services to teach professionals how to apply not just the software, but also the principles of quantitative decision making to their real world problems. In addition, Palisade has a strong presence in the academic market.  @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite are used extensively in undergraduate and graduate business programs around the world. Through arrangements with academic publishers like Cengage Learning, Palisade software is bundled with nearly 100 of the top management science and business statistics textbooks.

Prof. Nersesian specializes in operations management and is also an associate professor of Operations and Logistics Management at Monmouth University and adjunct professor at Columbia University in the School of International and Public Affairs. A published author and academician, Prof. Nersesian’s latest books from Palisade are titled:

@RISK Bank Credit and Financial Analysis: In this book, Prof. Nersesian examines a wide range of credit and other issues faced by banks and investors. Using @RISK along with other DecisionTools programs RISKOptimizer and PrecisionTree, Prof. Nersesian provides step-by-step examples on how to tackle everything from cash flow analysis to insurance using powerful quantitative analytics such as Monte Carlo simulation and decision trees.

RISKOptimizer for Business Applications: This book explores business problems in marketing, finance, and operations that require optimal solutions, yet that also contain uncertainty. Using RISKOptimizer, Prof. Nersesian describes how to find the best solution to problems such as reorder points and safety stock, supply chain management and personnel scheduling.

Evolver Solutions for Business: In this book, Prof. Nersesian addresses a wide range of common business problems that require an optimal solution, yet where no linearity exists. That is, he tackles problems that cannot accurately be solved using Excel’s Solver or other traditional linear optimization tools. Instead, Prof. Nersesian leverages the power of genetic algorithms in Palisade’s Evolver software to address issues ranging from managing a stock portfolio to the timing of new plants.

“To run any business effectively, it is important to explore the full gamut of possible outcomes to identify both pitfalls as well as uncover new opportunities,” said Prof.  Nersesian. “I cannot overemphasize the significance of investing in quantitative risk analysis tools before embarking on any project. With tools such as @RISK, organizations can perform comprehensive risk analysis to determine which risks to take and which ones to avoid, allowing for the best decision making under uncertainty.”

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