Supporting our Community

Palisade and COVID-19 – Supporting our Community

We at Palisade want you to know that, during this unprecedented time, we are taking all necessary steps to ensure the health and well-being of our team while continuing to remain fully operational. We understand that our customers rely on @RISK and DecisionTools Suite to make complex business decisions, and we are committed to making sure @RISK, the DecisionTools Suite, and supporting services are available. Now more than ever, a structured, rational, and probabilistic approach to managing uncertainty is critical.

Like many other companies, we are taking steps to prioritize and safeguard the health of employees during this outbreak, and as such we have directed all Palisade staff worldwide to work remotely. All company functions can be performed remotely, and our IT infrastructure is designed to support this circumstance.

Furthermore, we have made the following customer-oriented changes:

  • All in-person Palisade training courses have been cancelled and are in the process of being converted to online delivery.
  • All nonessential travel has been cancelled, and client meetings converted to live web demos or conference calls.
  • All in-person Palisade conferences, trade show appearance, or other marketing events have been cancelled in favor of an increased number of free, live webcasts on important risk management topics.
  • Customers with standalone versions of @RISK or DecisionTools Suite software that is no longer accessible due to new remote work conditions are eligible for a special upgrade to the network version of the same software. The network version will allow remote access, regardless of user location. Click here for details.

Though these measures may be inconvenient -- and we miss seeing you, our customers, face-to-face --we know that it’s critical to take any action possible to reduce risks for those around us.

In addition, @RISK and DecisionTools Suite software plays an important role in mitigating the public health and economic damage pandemics like COVID-19 can cause. For instance, Johns Hopkins and Mayo Clinic recently partnered in a pandemic preparedness effort utilizing @RISK. Furthermore, @RISK has helped manage operational risks associated with supply chain disruptions, a key business issue in this moment.

As the situation develops, we will continue to provide updates via email and on our web site.

Thank you for your understanding during this time, and stay well.

Randy Heffernan
Palisade Company