Frequently Asked Questions About COVID-19 and Palisade Operations

During this unprecedented time we are taking all necessary steps to ensure we remain fully operational. We understand that our customers rely on @RISK and DecisionTools Suite to navigate uncertainty and make complex business decisions, and we are committed to making sure our tools and supporting services continue to be available. We have created this guide to address common questions about Palisade operations.

Will Palisade products be impacted by COVID-19?

No. All Palisade software is installed on customer local machines and servers, and as such COVID-19 has no technological impact on Palisade software.

Palisade software requires one-time activation – and communication to Palisade servers – to run. Palisade servers have multiple redundancies, and have been unaffected by COVID-19.

Will Palisade support by impacted by COVID-19?

No. In response to the pandemic, Palisade implemented a remote operation plan that enabled all Palisade staff, including support personnel, to work remotely. This implementation was accomplished in a matter of days in mid-March. There has been no interruption in the availability of technical support, either via phone or e-mail. Support continues to be open during normal business hours, Monday-Friday. In addition, the Palisade tech support knowledgebase has remained fully operational, 24/7.

Can Palisade help me access my software license at my office while I am working from home?

Yes. We will work with you to make it possible for you to continue using the software even if your staff is working from home or your business is disrupted in other ways due to COVID-19. We are here to help.

More information on remotely-accessible network licenses.

Are Palisade training and other services affected by COVID-19?

Yes, in that we are unable to provide in-person training at this time. Palisade typically offers public training seminars in cities around the world, as well as customized on-site training delivered at the customer’s offices.

Instead, we are able to offer the same services delivered online. We can provide custom training via web conference at your convenience, and we will have a schedule of public online web trainings published very soon.

Contact us for more information about online training.

Is Palisade holding its conference series or other events?

Unfortunately, no. All in-person events have been postponed at this time. The annual Palisade Risk Conference, which was set to be held this fall in Miami, is being postponed to spring of 2021. In addition, we have typically hosted a series of one-day or half-day conferences around the world as opportunities to further the exchange of ideas in the risk and decision analysis field. These will resume in 2021 (or possibly late 2020, depending on circumstances). Similarly, Palisade has cancelled industry trade show appearances for 2020.

While we greatly miss these opportunities to interact face-to-face with you, our customers, we feel these measures are necessary and prudent given the status of this pandemic. However, in conjunction with these events, we have always maintained a webcast program as well, giving anyone a chance to learn from experts about how to manage risk and uncertainty. This webcast program is being ramped up, and we are exploring other technology solutions for maintaining these critical channels with our customers.

Is Palisade dependent on a supply chain that could be disrupted?

No. Palisade does not depend on the physical shipment of any goods or materials for the provision of core products and services.