BigPicture mind mapping and data exploration for Microsoft Excel
Mind Mapping and Data Exploration for Microsoft Excel
BigPicture mind mapping and data exploration for Microsoft Excel
Part of The DecisionTools Suite:

BigPicture is a diagramming software add-in for Microsoft Excel. With BigPicture, you can create mind maps to organize thoughts and ideas, or create dynamic maps from any type of spreadsheet data.

BigPicture takes advantage of the fact that we humans are visual animals--mind maps and diagrams can help us grasp complicated information at a glance. Yet so much of the work we do relies on spreadsheets and data. BigPicture helps combine the power of both visuals and spreadsheets—all right in Excel.

Flexible visual features for your Spreadsheet

Unlike other mind mapping software, BigPicture combines the power of visuals and spreadsheets directly in Excel. Any and all content in your Excel spreadsheet cells can be linked to your BigPicture charts and maps—so when you update your numbers or formulas in Excel, your visual diagrams automatically update as well. The integration is seamless.

5 Star Reviews for BigPicture

Small Business Trends' review of BigPicture says, “by the time you reach the center of BigPicture, you’re going to wonder how you ever lived without it... With its deeply flexible features and functionality, as well as an ever growing set of documentation and videos, BigPicture is the one tool you don’t want to overlook in 2015.”

Industry leader Mind Mapping Software Blog says: “BigPicture’s elegant toolset is ideal for any executive who already uses Excel in his or her work, but aren’t sure they can justify the investment in a dedicated diagramming or mind mapping program... Calling BigPicture an add-in hardly does it justice. It offers a comprehensive toolset that enables you to quickly get to work creating new mind maps, concept maps and flow chart diagrams, while leveraging Excel’s existing drawing and editing tools to adjust the formatting of individual elements.”

BigPicture is also reviewed in Project Manager Today.

How is BigPicture Used?

BigPicture can be used in a number of ways, from brainstorming, to chart-building, to data analysis. Here are few examples…

Strategic Planning
BigPicture allows you to translate your brainstorming process into a dynamic map of ideas and options that are easy to view and update.

Create your mind maps with or without data—the process can be as free-form, or as detailed, as you need it to be.

Use the slide-show tool for eye-catching, annotated presentations. Share your BigPicture diagrams easily, as you would an Excel document.

Case Study: Using BigPicture Software, First Principles Consulting Improves Operations for Mining Clients.
A BigPicture strategic map, with nodes expanded to show the different factors and possibilities of certain choices.
A BigPicture flexible org chart, clearly illustrating the structure of the organization along with detailed info on all the employees.
Organizational Charts
Create org charts easily: convert salaries, titles, even performance notes—and automatically build a flexible chart that illustrates your organization’s hierarchy, complete with customizable colors, pictures and icons.

Expand branches to get a better view of departments and details, or collapse them to get a snapshot of your company as a whole. Any updates you make to your source HR data set are seamlessly incorporated throughout the entire chart.
A data map built with BigPicture, illustrating the connections between complex data points with clear, detailed visuals.
Data Exploration
Complex data tables are automatically converted into easy-to-read data maps and infographics. Expand or collapse your data maps at any node to explore or summarize as needed.

Plus, all BigPicture data maps are linked to their source data, so updates and re-structuring of data maps can be done in seconds.
View the BigPicture Help Manual
Learn more about BigPicture and get help.

» BigPicture Help Manual
Compatibility: BigPicture software is compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office 2007 and newer, running on Microsoft Windows Vista and newer.

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