Palisade Risk Conference
Best Practices in Risk and Decision Analysis
May 16, 2017 Jakarta

Palisade Risk Conference

Best Practices in Risk and Decision Analysis

May 16th, 2017 • Jakarta

A Key Event for Quantitative Risk and Decision Analysis

Join Industry Leaders and Software Experts

Palisade invites you to an intensive 1-day conference in Jakarta. This is a “must attend” event for professionals dealing with risk in any industry. Industry experts will present a selection of real-world case studies about innovative approaches to managing risk and uncertainty in a wide range of business applications. The programme will also include practical software training classes presented by Palisade trainers, consultants, and software engineers. We’ll explore the features in @RISK and The DecisionTools Suite software that make risk modelling and analysis accessible and powerful.

This event it is free to attend and promises to be an invaluable opportunity for broadening one's knowledge of risk modelling, and networking with decision-making professionals in a range of industries.

Testimonials from Previous Conferences

“I came away from the conference very satisfied. The conference empowered me with future skill sets, allowed me to observe how other companies are using the tools, and I even made some very valuable contacts.”

Ron Webster, Senior Financial Risk Analyst, Eastman Chemical Company

“Very impressive and good chance to link with colleagues.”

Michael Pemberton, Operations Research Analyst, Pueblo Community College (ret.)

“Excellent conference. Very informative. Great topics.”

Laurie Rutherford, Director, Enterprise Risk Management at CenterPoint Energy

“I enjoyed all of the hands-on sessions, and I gained new insights from the conference that I can use in my work.”

Ujjwal Bharadwaj, TWI Ltd

“As an introduction to the software, I thought this conference was eye-opening. As I get more familiar with the software, I can see future conferences being valuable in honing my skills and learning new tricks and different perspectives on using the software.”

Cory Forgrave, Economic Analyst in the DOI Division of Energy and Mineral Development

“Palisade is leading the way with tools and expertise to enable risk managers across all industries.”

Robert Lake, Cisco Systems

“Conference was very useful to improve our integrated quality management system. Statistical, stochastic and other quantitative methods are used, at the organisational and project levels, to predict future quality and process performance.”

Dr Vladimir Savin, Chief EQ Engineer, EPAM Systems

“We saw and discussed methods that directly apply to our problems, and learned to build upon them to come up with solutions.”

Michael Watson, PMP, Senior Staff Integrated Planning, Lockheed Martin

“Another great conference - well done! It's always a stimulating and thought-provoking experience, and great hospitality.”

Michael Brand, Captum Capital

Learn from the Experts

The Palisade Risk Conference will offer two types of sessions to maximize your experience.

Case Studies:

Hear users in the field describe how they apply @RISK and DecisionTools software to their real-life problems. Case studies come from a wide range of industries and disciplines.

Software Training:

Here’s your chance to get exposure to the latest in risk and decision analytics software and techniques. Get more from @RISK and each of the products in Palisade’s DecisionTools Suite. Sessions are taught by Palisade’s expert consultants and trainers. Learn direct from the source!

Networking Opportunities – Learn from Each Other

The Palisade Risk Conference will offer plenty of opportunities to mingle and share ideas with other delegates, presenters, and Palisade staff. All networking events on the schedule are included with your complimentary registration.

Join a Global Group

The 2017 Palisade Risk Conference is part of a global, annual series of meetings where professionals share ideas and advance the practice of risk and decision analysis. Events in 2017 include Mumbai, London, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, Singapore, and Jakarta.

Information about 2017 Conferences


Thursday 16 May 2017

Schedule is subject to change without notice.


9:00 - 10:00
Registration and Coffee
10:00 - 10:15
10:15 - 11:30

Project Cost and Schedule Uncertainty with @RISK
Rishi Prabhakar
Palisade Corporation

11:30 - 12:00
Networking Break
12:00 - 13:15

Applications of @RISK in Oil & Gas and Mining
Rishi Prabhakar
Palisade Corporation

13:15 - 14:00
Networking Lunch
14:00 - 14:45

Optimisation with Evolver and RISKOptimizer
Rishi Prabhakar
Palisade Corporation

14:45 - 15:30

Cancelled for unforseen circumstances

15:30 - 16:15

TopRank and PrecisionTree
Rishi Prabhakar
Palisade Corporation

16:15 - 17:00
Closing Remarks and Networking Tea

Aman Bajaj
Palisade Corporation


  Aman Bajaj

Regional Sales & Business Development Manager - India
Palisade Corporation

Aman joined Palisade towards the end of 2012 with a focus on growing the business for Palisade software and training services in India. During the last two years, Palisade has had considerable success in terms of winning new key customers on both the academic and industry side of the business in India. Aman holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Gulbarga University and also completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Capital and Financial Markets from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi. Having passed CFA Level 1 in 2010, he is also studying towards the next level of this certification.

  Rishi Prabhakar

Trainer and Consultant
Palisade Corporation

Rishi brings a broad range of experience and expertise to the Palisade team. He has worked in and consulted to the energy industry, telecommunications, scientific research, banking and finance with an emphasis on operational risk and Basel II. Rishi has expert skills in the areas of statistical analysis, simulation, time series forecasting, risk/capital modelling, extreme value theory, survey design and analysis. He holds a BSc Mathematics from the University of Technology, Sydney.


  Intro to Palisade and the World of Probabilistic Analysis

Aman Bajaj
Palisade Corporation

We will open the conference with a brief overview of Palisade, and then address the question you’ve undoubtedly been faced with: “What is risk analysis, and why do I need it?” After all, risk management appears to have failed in many examples, and even now companies are trying to figure out how to grapple with risk and unlock the power of probabilistic analysis. How do we avoid missteps, and how do we make the most of the tools we have for managing the future?

  Project Cost and Schedule Uncertainty with @RISK

Rishi Prabhakar
Palisade Corporation

In this session we will look at the role probabilistic quantitative analysis plays in Project Management, focussing on costs and risk events. We will discuss the concept of contingency, and introduce a mathematically correct approach to modelling risk registers.

We will also showcase @RISK's interface with MS Project via Excel to enable the modelling of schedule uncertainty. We will cover some of the unique aspects of this modelling; variable start dates and durations, probabilistic Gantt charts and the Critical Index.

  Applications of @RISK in Oil & Gas and Mining

Rishi Prabhakar
Palisade Corporation

Uncertainty is everywhere in the oil and gas industry, with big bets being placed by companies in the hope of securing even bigger payouts. The industry has seen fluctuations in the price of a barrel, emphasizing the need for the robust modelling of uncertainty that @RISK can provide. In this session, we will look at some common applications of @RISK within the oil and gas industry, using a selection of simple-but-powerful example models. These will include reserves estimation, production & NPV forecasting, capital projects estimation, risk registers, oil field development optimization, and portfolio optimization.

  TopRank and PrecisionTree

Rishi Prabhakar
Palisade Corporation

A concise introduction to these two very useful tools. With TopRank we will perform deterministic sensitivity analyses on spreadsheet models, creating tornado charts and spider graphs. TopRank can even find the inputs for you! Decision trees are a great tool for visualising complex decision problems and analysing them. PrecisionTree gives you the power to easily build them in Excel and produce Policy Suggestions and Risk Profiles.

  Optimisation with Evolver and RISKOptimizer

Rishi Prabhakar
Palisade Corporation

In this session we will explore the idea of how to make optimal decisions for your business. Whether you are maximising profit with a fixed budget, minimising logistics costs, or working out where to locate cell phone towers, Evolver and RISKOptimizer can help you make these decisions and more. By operating on your spreadsheets, practically any decision can be optimised; Evolver solves deterministic problems, while RISKOptimizer provides optimal decisions under uncertainty.

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