2014 Palisade Regional Risk Conferences: Best Practices in Risk and Decision Analysis
Palisade Risk Conference Draws Large and Diverse Delegation

Attracting over 125 delegates, the 2010 London Palisade User Conference was held in the grand surroundings of London’s Institute of Directors on April 14-15. Attended by professionals from industries as diverse as oil and gas, insurance, healthcare, construction, healthcare, banking and finance, the event was characterised by a real enthusiasm amongst the participants to exchange information and ideas.

The conference was opened by Palisade president Sam McLafferty and vice president Randy Heffernan with their presentation about the history of Palisade and the importance of probabilistic risk analysis. Over the course of the two days this was followed by a further 30 presentations, including the keynote talk by Dr. Sven Roden from Unilever, "Number Cruncher or Decision Professional?" which championed the need for greater involvement of quantitative professionals in organisations' decision-making processes.

The software training and presentations by Palisade staff on topics such as selecting the right distribution, real options, best practices in modelling and cost risk analysis were very popular. There was also a lot of excitement about the possibilities demonstrated by Palisade’s Head of Custom Development, Dr. Javier Ordóñez in his plenary session, “Custom Software using @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite”.

Delegates also found time to relax at a networking dinner at the nearby Thai Square restaurant and two drinks receptions which were held in the IoD’s wine bar.

» View abstracts and presentations from the conference
» Download a zip file of the 2010 London presentations

Testimonials from Conference Attendees

“It is beneficial to meet with other companies that are using @RISK and the knowledge sharing is invaluable.”
- Gokce Citak, Enerjisa Group

“The Unilever keynote and rollout story brought together a very relevant and current business issue with the tools and techniques. Also very informative on best practice.”
- Andrew Poole, Consultant

“Favourite session was “Real Options Modelling” by Michael Rees. This is one of the clearest explanations of a complex subject that I have ever heard.”
- Dr. Michael Brand, Captum


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