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Peter Amanatides
Vice President, QA and QC
Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Peter Amanatides joined Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in September of 2008 as Vice President of Quality Assurance and Quality Control.  Prior to joining Noven, Peter had over 20 years of diverse pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry experience. He previously served DSM Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (a global contract manufacturer of oral and topical dosage forms, sterile products and active pharmaceutical ingredients) in several senior quality roles. In his most recent position at DSM, Peter held the Senior Director of Quality Operations at the DSM Greenville, NC site with responsibility for all quality operations, including quality assurance, quality control, analytical development and regulatory affairs. Prior to his career at DSM, he was Director of Quality Systems at Celera Genomics, a human genome sequencing company affiliated with Applera Corporation. Peter worked for several pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies holding positions of increasing responsibility in Quality Assurance and Quality Control functions.

Peter holds a Master of Science degree in biotechnology and molecular biology from Hood College and a Bachelor of Science Degree in biology from Regents College. He has authored and co-authored several scientific publications in the areas of genome sequencing and biotoxic compounds for a variety of magazines including Science, Nature and Hybridoma.  In addition, Peter is a Six Sigma black belt trained at the University of Texas- Austin.  He has created and managed several six sigma programs in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry during his career.

Dr Michael Brand
Co-founder and Director
Captum Capital Limited

Michael Brand is a founding director of Captum Capital Limited, an innovative consulting company which provides business development services to early stage life science companies. Captum offers a series of training courses in business development, including the highly successful Valuing Life Science Technology MasterClass, which has been attended by over 350 executives. Michael spent most of his career in the USA holding senior executive level positions in multi-national corporations, including a venture capital company. He has successfully negotiated international joint venture, licensing and investment agreements. He holds a PhD from Imperial College, London, a MBA from the Sloan School, MIT, Boston, and the Investment Management Certificate of the CFA Society of the UK; he is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Vojo Bubevski
Senior Systems Analyst / Designer
TATA Consulting Services

Vojo Bubevski comes from Berovo, Macedonia. He graduated from the University of Zagreb, Croatia in 1977, with a degree in Electrical Engineering - Computer Science. He started his professional career in 1978 as an Analyst Programmer in Alkaloid Pharmaceuticals, Skopje, Macedonia. At Alkaloid, he worked on applying Operations Research methods to solve commercial and pharmaceutical technology problems from 1982 to 1986.

In 1987 Vojo immigrated to Australia. He worked for IBM™ Australia from 1988 to 1997. For the first five years he worked in IBM™ Australia Programming Center developing systems software. The rest of his IBM™ career was spent working in IBM™ Core Banking Solution Centre.

In 1997, he immigrated to the United Kingdom where his IT consulting career started. As an IT consultant, Vojo has worked for Lloyds TSB Bank in London, Svenska Handelsbanken in Stockholm, and Legal & General Insurance in London. In June 2008, he joined TATA Consultancy Services Ltd.

Vojo has a very strong background in Mathematics, Operations Research, Modeling and Simulation, Risk & Decision Analysis, Six Sigma and Software Engineering, and a proven track record of delivered solutions applying these methodologies in practice. He is also a specialist in Business Systems Analysis & Design (Banking & Insurance) and has delivered major business solutions across several organizations. He has received several formal awards and published a number of written works, including a couple of textbooks. Vojo has also been featured as a guest speaker at several prominent conferences internationally.

Maria Pia D’Ambrosio
Senior Trainer, Owner
SixSigmaIn Team snc

Maria Pia is 51 years old and works as Senior Trainer at her own Company – SixSigmaIn Team - that provides advanced and customized DFSS, Design of Experiments, Tolerance and Reliability Analysis trainings and support in Italy. She studied Chemistry at University of Milan and she worked as Process Engineer for metallurgical Companies for about 15 years. She has been involved in the Six Sigma activities and Statistic since 1997. She is a Certified MBB and her main activities is coaching, tutoring and supporting people and Companies to get a major breakthrough in their processes.

Dr Pierre Delfiner
Petro Decisions

Pierre Delfiner is with PetroDecisions, a consulting company which he formed after taking retirement from Total at the end of 2008. At Total he was Scientific Advisor to the Director of Geosciences in Paris, specializing in Decision & Risk Analysis, probabilistic reserves estimation and geostatistical modeling. His recent work includes prospect evaluation methodology, modeling of new ventures with multiple objects, analysis of gas supply for LNG plants, and value-of-information assessments of 4D seismic data coupled with physical modeling. He served as review chairman for the SPE Reservoir Evaluation and Engineering journal and is currently member of the Management Subcommittee for the 2010 ATCE in Florence, Italy. He is the co-author of Geostatistics: Modeling Spatial Uncertainty, (Wiley & Sons, 1999).

Prior to Total he worked for Schlumberger Wireline, and before that conducted research at the Center for Geostatistics of the Ecole des Mines de Paris. Delfiner holds an engineering degree from the Ecole des Mines and a PhD in Statistics from Princeton University.

Andrea Dickens
Decision Analysis Group Leader
Finance Academy, Unilever

Andrea Dickens joined Unilever in 1988 as a statistician. Since then she has had a number of roles in Unilever, but all with one thing in common: managing and analysing uncertainty.

Andrea now leads the Decision Analysis Group, which has been developing and applying a wide range of decision analysis techniques. These techniques have been deployed on probabilistic business cases and complex decision problems throughout Unilever. The group also leads the development and rollout of training courses for Unilever Managers in Decision Making techniques, and provides coaching to course participants. In addition, the Decision Analysis Group has an internal consultancy role where they provide facilitative leadership to analyse complex business decisions. These tend to be the large, difficult and sensitive problems, high stake one-off decisions, or problems that cross organisational boundaries.

Andrew Evans
Decision Analyst
Decision Analysis Group, Unilever

Andrew Evans is a Decision Analyst within Unilever’s Decision Analysis Group. His role includes training and coaching finance professionals on the Unilever Decision Making Under Uncertainty (DMUU) Programme, and providing internal consultancy on Decision Analysis for project teams. He also works on the embedding of Decision Analysis through the provision of support services to DMUU Practitioners. Prior to joining Unilever, Andrew worked in the Mobile Resource Management (MRM) sector of the IT industry.

Barry Gujral
Associate Director
Quality Engineering

Barry Gujral holds a Master of Chemistry degree from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago and PhD in Chemistry from Meerut University. Barry also received Global MBA degree from Fuqua School of Business, Duke University. He has authored several scientific publications in the areas of Risk Analysis, Monte Carlo Simulations and Predictive Modeling. In addition, Barry is a Six Sigma Black Belt trained from the NC State University Raleigh and is author of three textbooks in Chemistry. Barry was awarded a US Patent on Synthesis of new ion-exchangers.
Barry Gujral is working as Associate Director of Quality Engineering at Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc. He has over 20 years of diverse pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry experience. Barry completed two projects with the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) on Risk Analysis, Monte Carlo Simulations, Statistical Modeling and Quality by Design.

Frank Lyhne Hansen
Leader, Enterprise Risk Management

Frank is leader of the economic and financial modelling team in Enterprise Risk Management. He is experienced both within the financial and non-financial sector and is a member of the PwC steering board on Solvency II. Frank is a specialist in Solvency II, Basel II and economic capital.

Frank has extensive experience in operational, financial and strategic risk management. This includes the development, description and analysis of models as well as implementation, discussion and elaboration of economic models for the total economic optimization and preparation of management reporting.

Frank has served as project and program manager on several major projects both in Denmark and abroad. In addition, Frank has a long experience of teaching as an associate professor on CBS (financial) where he teaches risk management. Frank has taught at CBS since 1996 and has a large network and extensive experience in teaching in risk management, statistics and finance.

Randy Heffernan
Vice President, Palisade Corporation

Randy Heffernan started with Palisade in 1997, and helped the company expand with its first overseas office in Plymouth, England, in 1998. Further geographic expansions included London in 2002 and Sydney, Australia in 2005. He has held a variety of roles in sales, marketing, and management, and currently oversees much of the corporate operations. Randy works closely with the sales staff to understand client needs and liaise with software development. Randy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and Marketing from Cornell University.

Dr Christian Hofstadler
Institute of Construction Management and Economics, Graz University of Technology, Lessingstraße

Christian has been an Associate Professor at the Institute of Construction Management and Economics at Graz University of Technology since 2006. He teaches, conducts research and cooperates with the industry in the fields of construction management and economics. He’s gained practical experience in building and industrial construction as well as in bridge construction in 3 different construction companies. In the course of his work, he’s participated in the construction of fair-faced concrete components and structures. In the process, he’s gathered experience in formwork works, reinforcing and concreting. In general, his function at the institute is the planning and the optimization of construction works.

The main focus of his work is the optimization of reinforced concrete works from the point of view of construction management and economics.

His areas of expertise are:
• Reinforced concrete works (technology, construction method, operations planning, logistics etc.)
• Formwork works – technological foundations, fair-faced concrete, process comparison, sequence planning, logistics and cost estimation etc.)
• Construction sequence planning and logistics in construction operations
• Fair-faced concrete (technology, announcement, assurance of quality, operational sequence etc.)
• Construction progress malfunctions (construction operational and construction industrial treatment of construction progress malfunctions)

David Inbar
Minet Technologies

David Inbar is the founder and managing director of Minet Technologies, a provider of professional services and technologies in supply chain and purchasing. Minet is active in the interfaces between business, processes and technologies in the world of supply chain and purchasing, creating methodologies and delivering projects and solutions. Minet has developed a supply chain risk management methodology and performed numerous projects in this field. Based on our experience we created a unique supply chain risk management workshop and conducted it in Europe and Israel.

David has a B.Sc. in chemical engineering from the Technion – Israel institute of Technology and a M.Sc. in management from Tel Aviv University. Before founding Minet David was purchasing manager of several divisions of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, the world's biggest generic pharmaceutical company. He has lectured in several academic institutions in Israel and Europe.

Dr Mirek Janusz
Palisade Corporation

Mirek Janusz is a software engineer at Palisade Corp. He holds a masters degree in computer science from Cornell University. He helped develop Palisade applications for risk analysis, statistical analysis and optimization, and has assisted other companies in integrating Palisade Developer's Kits into their own applications. He is the lead developer for Palisade's Excel add-in for neural networks, NeuralTools.

Ulla Kellner
Research Assistant

Ulla Kellner studied from 2004-2008 Agricultural Economics at Bonn University. After her graduation she works as a research assistant in the farm management group at the Georg-August-University in Goettingen. Her main research areas are risk management instruments especially crop insurances and weather derivatives for farmers in Germany.

Marco Manara
Casappa S.p.A.

Marco Manara is 33 years old and works as Engineering Manager of the gear pumps and motors business unit at Casappa S.p.A. He obtained a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Parma, Italy. He worked as R&D engineer and as Engineering Director Assistant before being appointed to his current position in 2007. In the last years, he started getting interested in statistics and, in particular, in Six Sigma methodology. He was trained by Maria Pia and, at the beginning of 2008, he obtained the BB Certification. He started a process of re-engineering and re-designing several company products, using statistical definition of the process tolerances and Design For Six Sigma concepts.

Sam McLafferty
President and CEO
Palisade Corporation

Sam McLafferty is Palisade's founder, president, and CEO. He started the company in 1984 with the release of PRISM, a stand-alone Monte Carlo simulation package for DOS on the PC. PRISM later evolved into @RISK for Lotus 1-2-3, and then for Excel. Sam is Palisade's lead developer, with over thirty years of programming experience. He works closely with the technical and sales staff, ensuring that customer feedback is heard. He personally oversees the development and evolution of every one of the fifteen software products Palisade sells. Prior to Palisade, he was a risk analysis consultant.

Scott Mongeau

Scott Mongeau is founding director of Biomatica BV (, a consultancy specializing in biotechnology industry risk management. Scott has over a decade of experience in biotech, including key positions at Genentech Inc. related to risk management. He currently consults for several biofuel start-up initiatives and completed his thesis on biofuel project risk management. He is in the Global Executive MBA (OneMBA) program at Erasmus Rotterdam School of Managment, where he also holds a Masters in Financial Management. He has a Certificate in Finance from University of California at Berkeley, a Masters in Communication from University of Texas at Austin, and a Graduate Degree in Applied Information Systems Management from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar. Having lived and worked in a number of countries, Scott is an American citizen and currently resides in the Netherlands.

Dr Javier Ordóńez
Director of Custom Solutions
Palisade Corporation

Dr Javier Ordóńez holds a BS in Civil Engineering from the Universidad de Cuenca, Ecuador and a MS in Project Management from the University of Maryland. Javier earned his PhD from the University of Maryland performing research on project risk analysis. His current research deals with cost and schedule integration and correlation issues through the use of Bayesian belief networks.

Javier's experience is in the areas of construction and project management, optimal project and capital investments selection, earned value management, engineering and project risk analysis, and operations research applications to engineering and management problems.

Javier has taught as an adjunct professor in the Project Management Program at University of Maryland and provides training in risk and decision analysis. He is also registered as a Project Management Professional (PMP).

Dr Michael Rees
Business Best Ltd.

Michael has 20 years’ of business and finance experience, including roles such as Principal (Partner) at the strategy consultants Mercer Management Consulting (now Oliver Wyman) and Vice-President of Equity Research at J.P. Morgan. He has worked independently for 8 years, for 6 of which he was retained by Palisade Corporation to act as their Director of Training and Consulting. He is the author of Financial Modelling in Practice: A Concise Guide for intermediate and Advanced Level, John Wiley & Sons, 2008).

His academic credentials include a Doctorate in Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Algorithms, and a B.A. with First Class Honours in Mathematics, both from Oxford University. He has an MBA with Distinction from INSEAD in France, as well as holding the Wilmott Certificate of Quantitative Finance, where he graduated top of the course for class work and also received the Wilmott Award for the highest final exam mark. Michael is based in the UK and speaks fluent French and German.

Dr Sven Roden
Decision Analyst
Finance Academy, Unilever

Dr Sven Roden is a senior Decision Analyst within Unilever’s Finance Academy. Dr Roden acts as an internal consultant, leading decision analysis evaluations on problems where teams have been struggling to find a solution. He is also involved in developing new methodologies and providing expert training and coaching to Unilever's financial managers. Prior to joining Unilever, Sven worked for BNFL as a Technology Strategist and research physicist.

Stefan Sadnicki
Senior Consultant, Operational Research
Capgemini Consulting

Stefan Sadnicki has worked for 2 years as an Operational Research consultant with Capgemini Consulting. Recent projects include sensitivity analysis of the long-term business plan for a large water utility company, a supply and demand system dynamics model for a central government ministry, and the development of a workforce-planning tool for a local council social work department. Before joining Capgemini, Stefan worked for 3 years as an IT consultant to the asset finance industry, firstly with CHP Consulting in England before contracting for Banco de Banesco in Caracas, Venezuela. Stefan graduated in 2004 from The Queen’s College, Oxford University with a first class degree in Mathematical Sciences and an MSc with distinction in Computer Science. More recently, he has completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Operational Research by distance learning from the University of Strathclyde. His current interests lie in optimisation, Monte Carlo simulation and consulting opportunities within Europe.

Dr Kim Salling
Department of Transport
Technical University of Denmark

Kim Bang Salling is currently employed as an assistant professor at the Department of Transport at the Technical University of Denmark. He defended his PhD thesis entitled: Assessment of Transport Projects: Risk Analysis and Decision Support, November 2008. He furthermore holds a Master’s degree in Engineering within socio-economic evaluation methodologies and decision support systems with special emphasis on cost-benefit analysis and Risk Analysis. The Ph.D. project concerned a decision support model for assessing transport projects. By use of the developed CBA-DK software a new risk-oriented methodology for feasibility risk assessment is developed. Recently, he has been part of the Centre for Logistics and Freight (CLG) project where he co-developed a new Decision Support System applied for large scale infrastructure projects, under the CLG task 9 project. He has also been working on a software program for a composite evaluation model called COSIMA-VEJ for the Danish Road Directory. Furthermore, he has been involved in a large transport appraisal study in Greenland evaluating the overall transport system and a customized decision support model for the Rail Net Denmark in order for them to optimize asset management and project ranking. Currently, he is co-managing a large-scale research project for the Danish Strategic Research Council over the four year period 2009-2012 entitled: Uncertainties in Transport Project Evaluation.

Philippe Stollsteiner
Founder and Manager

Philippe Stollsteiner is the founder and CEO of Projiris, a company providing project management services in France. The company is located near Versailles. Started in 2003, Projiris has evolved since 2006 from project management assistance to companies dealing in the Defence and Security sector to risk management assistance. It provides consulting and training using @Risk to various clients in Defence, traffic forecast, food safety, bank, railway industries.

He has given several lectures about quantitative risk analysis at PMI Paris chapter and AFITEP.

Philippe has a master’s degree (diplôme d’ingénieur) in electronics from CNAM university, and a MBA from IAE St-Charles in Paris. He is Project Management Professional (PMP) certified by the Project Management Institute.

Jan Paul Van Driel

Jan Paul is a co-founder of StrategicFit. He specialises in developing strategies in highly uncertain situations where there are often conflicting perspectives. He has particular expertise in high stake energy investment decisions and designing effective decision processes. He has supported clients in most aspects of the energy life-cycle, in conventional, unconventional and renewable energy sources. He has also consulted in many other industries, such as high tech and manufacturing, where innovation, flexibility, and market differentiation enable value creation.

Steven Vaughan-Jones
Project Consultant, Waste Strategy & Procurement
SLR Consulting

Steven Vaughan-Jones is currently a project consultant within the Waste Strategy & Procurement team at SLR Consulting, a multidisciplinary environmental consultancy. Steven joined SLR two years ago, initially to complete his MSc thesis which involved analysis of the risks and uncertainties associated with waste management technologies. Steven’s main responsibilities include the development of, predominately, excel based models for a diverse range of business development and due diligence purposes, in addition to various waste flow and process flow modelling exercises. Steven also undertakes various sustainability and carbon footprint assessments, using both bespoke models and established Life Cycle Assessment tools, and provides support on both private and public sector procurements.

Prior to joining SLR Steven obtained a BSc in Environmental Risk Management from the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff. This enabled him to secure a Natural Environment Research Council Scholarship for his MSc in Environmental Diagnosis and Management at the Royal Holloway, University of London. Steven is soon to commence an MBA through the University of Wales.

Ian Wallace
Consultant & Trainer
Palisade Corporation

Ian is a qualified accountant (ACMA) and spent the first 10 years of his career working in finance functions within the pharmaceutical and precious metal refining industries. Here he gained valuable experience in managing staff, preparing financial and management accounts, and working closely with business managers to help develop project appraisals, corporate plans and annual budgets.

Ian then decided to move into management consultancy with KPMG and worked on a wide variety of interesting projects throughout Europe and the Middle East, both in the private and public sectors. Most of his work was project management related and involved the selection and implementation of the latest systems and business processes within the finance function. Work included preparing strategy studies and business cases for change, PFI and supplier evaluations, recruiting project teams, leading systems design and working with all the management and stakeholders connected with the change. As a result, Ian has considerable experience of project management methodologies such as PRINCE 2 and others.

It was during the course of this work that Ian came across Monte Carlo Simulation and @RISK. He found it such a useful tool for managing expectations, developing risk-efficient plans and getting adequate resources for his projects that in 2001 he decided to specialise in the technique. Ian has now been working closely with Palisade since 2005, and during this time has delivered numerous on-site customer training sessions, public classroom courses, web-conference training sessions, and consultancy projects.

Ian's wide experience, together with his communication skills, enable him to communicate complex subjects using everyday, easy to understand language.

Hans Waszink
Waszink Actuarial Advisory

Hans Waszink is an expert in quantitative financial risk modelling. He has a Master's degree in Mathematics from the University of Groningen in The Netherlands, a Master's Degree in Actuarial Sciences from the University of Amsterdam, and an MBA from London Business School. He is a Fellow of the Dutch Actuarial Society and the British Institute of Actuaries.

Mr. Waszink is director of Waszink Actuarial Advisory, a niche consulting firm specialising in risk management for the Financial Services Industry.

Erik Westwig
Software Engineer
Palisade Corporation

Erik Westwig received his BS in 1991 and MS in 1994 from the applied and engineering physics department at Cornell University. In 1998 he published the book Mathematical Physics with co-author Bruce Kusse, which was re-released in its second edition in 2006. Since 1995, Erik has worked as a software engineer at Palisade as part of the DecisionTools Suite development team.

Alec Yeowell
Halcrow Group Ltd

Alec is a specialist in physical asset management and has worked on water industry projects for 10 years. He specialises in modelling the behaviour, performance and risk associated with water company assets. After graduating in Civil Engineering in 1999, Alec worked for eight years at WRc Plc delivering water industry focused research projects.
Alec maintains a strong interest in innovation and has been actively involved in Halcrow internal research activities where he has recently been developing spatial optimisation capabilities. The tools have been applied to capital maintenance planning activities to enable clients to meet and improve on agreed performance and spending targets.

Alec is a Chartered Engineer and Member if the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM).

John Zhao
Quality and Risk Manager
StatoilHydro Canada Limited

John Zhao has 22 years project management experience petrochemical industry. He has authored many papers and made numerous presentations worldwide on the subject of risk and contingency management. In the past 10 years, John has developed his expertise in cost engineering and risk analysis for large downstream and oilsands upstream projects across Canada. His extensive knowledge in construction project qualitative risk assessment process has made him one of subject matter of experts in North America; his proprietary Monte Carlo model using @RISK is one of popular tools for project contingency and escalation simulation. The quantitative model that John has built has integrated @RISK with PrecisionTree to help corporations to conduct risk-based strategic decision-makings.




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