All sessions in the 2008 Palisade Risk & Decision Analysis Conference will be led by experts in their fields. Palisade’s own experienced software instructors and senior consultants join forces with independent consultants and leading managers from industry to provide in-depth content that will be of significant value to all who attend.

Alphabetical by last name:

Dr. Kimberly M. Thompson, Keynote Speaker
Associate Professor of Risk Analysis and Decision Science
Department of Health Policy and Management
Harvard University

Professor Thompson's research interests and teaching focus on the issues related to developing and applying quantitative methods for risk assessment and risk management, and consideration of the public policy implications associated with including uncertainty and variability in risk characterization. Drawing on a diverse background, she seeks to effectively integrate technological, social, political, legal, and economic issues into risk analyses that inform public policy and improve decision making in what she calls the "Age of Risk Management."

She created and directs the Kids Risk Project, which aims to empower kids, parents, policy makers, and others to make better decisions when managing children's risks. This effort applies risk and decision analysis tools to highlight the value of informed decisions and it will ultimately lead to the development of appropriate risk models for children. This work builds on Professor Thompson’s long-standing interest in the issues related to variability in risk for sensitive sub-populations, particularly children, and the potential risk tradeoffs associated with policies designed to protect them. The work includes research on a range of children's risks including injury, environmental, medical, and product-related risks, as well as perception of children's risks and the portrayal of risky behaviors in popular entertainment media. In January 2003, Professor Thompson co-founded the Center on Media and Child Health at Children's Hospital Boston. At the first Kids Risk Symposium, Dr. Thompson released the first study of the Fortune 1000 companies aimed at assessing their commitments to children.

Professor Thompson continues to explore the implications of using different analytical tools for structuring information, a theme that is central to her teaching. She directs Probabilistic Risk Analysis: Assessment, Management, and Communication ( ), a Professional Education course that meets each fall at the Harvard School of Public Health. As the use of quantitative analysis continues to grow, Professor Thompson looks at how the type of analysis used (e.g., cost-effectiveness analysis, cost-benefit analysis, decision analysis, value-of-information analysis, risk-only or health-only analysis, etc.) influences and determines the policy outcome. Professor Thompson's work currently focuses heavily on system dynamics and dynamic modeling, particularly in the context of modeling policies for polio risk management after the success of global eradication.

Building on her broad training, Professor Thompson also focuses on the characterization of information and communication of risks. She developed a guide to help consumers take charge of health information that appears in her book called Risk in Perspective: Insight and Humor in the Age of Risk Management. She uses this book as a text in her course ID285: Environmental Health Risk: Concepts and Cases, which she offers in the HSPH Wintersession. Recognized as a Society for Risk Analysis/Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer and popular keynote speaker, she speaks widely about life in the Age of Risk Management.

Professor Thompson continues to develop her interests in improving risk communication to help consumers and organizations manage their risks.

Dr. Chris Albright
Professor of Operations & Decision Technologies
Kelly School of Business
Indiana University

Dr. Chris Albright’s professional interests and expertise are in Spreadsheet Modeling for Optimization, Statistical Analysis and Simulation, Developing Excel Add-ins for Statistics, Statistics for Research, Stochastic Models in Management Science, Quantitative Methods for MBA Core, Web Page Development and Database Access with .NET, Data Mining, and VBA for Excel. He is the author and co-author of many books, including VBA for Modelers; Data Analysis and Decision Making, (with Wayne Winston and Christopher Zappe) ; and Practical Management Science (with Wayne Winston). Also, Dr. Chris Albright developed the statistical add-in StatsPro for Excel, later developed as StatTools by Palisade Corp.

Dr. Robert Ameo
Market Modelers, LLC
During his tenure with Johnson & Johnson, Dr. Ameo developed an expertise in forecasting adoption of new medical technologies and market share for a wide range of medical device, and biopharmaceutical products. He worked with business development, R&D and marketing in evaluating investment opportunities. Currently, he is an independent consultant specializing in valuing future revenue and cash flow streams for strategic planning, project prioritization, and investment decisions.

Bob designs and executes simulation forecasts and the associated market research to power key adoption and share assumptions. Using metrics such as the probability of value creation and return on money at risk (ROMR), he helps organizations understand and maximize the ‘odds’ of winning when making bets on risky investments.

Ed Biernat
Consulting With Impact, Ltd

Edward Biernat is the president of Consulting With Impact, Ltd., a training, coaching, and consultancy located in Canandaigua, NY that he founded in 1998. CWI’s client list includes companies ranging from the Fortune 100 to post-startups in the medical device, food and food packaging, steel, automotive, healthcare, and service sectors. He is a graduate of Clarkson University with bachelor degrees in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and has held positions in engineering, quality, and management at several New York companies. He is the author of numerous training programs and articles, and has presented at national and international events including the Institute of Industrial Engineers’ Annual Conference and the European Organization for Quality in Brussels, Belgium. Ed also developed part of the curriculum for and presents at the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification course at a local college.

Vojo Bubevski
Senior Systems Analyst/Designer, Legal & General Accounts
TATA Consultancy Services Ltd.

Vojo Bubevski comes from Macedonia. He graduated from the University of Zagreb, Croatia in 1977, receiving a degree in Electrical Engineering - Computer Science. He started his professional career in 1978 as Analyst Programmer in Alkaloid Pharmaceuticals, Skopje, Macedonia. At Alkaloid, he worked on applying Operations Research methods to solve commercial and pharmaceutical technology problems from 1982 to 1986.

In 1987 Vojo immigrated to Australia. He worked for IBM Australia from 1988 to 1997. The first five years at IBM he worked in IBM Australia Programming Center developing systems software. The rest of his IBM career was spent working in IBM’s Core Banking Solution Centre.

In 1997, he immigrated in the United Kingdom where started his IT consulting career. As IT consultant, Vojo has worked for Lloyds TSB Bank in London, Svenska Handelsbanken in Stockholm, and Legal & General Insurance in London.

In June 2008, he joined TATA Consultancy Services Ltd where he’s currently a Senior Software Systems Analyst/Designer.

Dr. Brendan P. Dooher
Senior Associate

Dr. Brendan Dooher is a LFR Senior Associate and a junior Fellow of the National Academy of Engineering, part of the National Academy of Sciences. He specializes in risk and decision analysis using statistical assessments of environmental, water resources, and energy data combined with analytical and numerical modeling. He has over ten years of experience working in these fields, and has extensive knowledge of the State of California’s regulatory and business environment. Dr. Dooher has worked on major technical and policy issues addressing environmental impacts from contaminants, water resource usage, energy systems, engineering solutions to carbon dioxide emissions, carbon sequestration, and requirements for a transition to a hydrogen economy. Dr. Dooher received his PhD in the field of Mechanical Engineering, with a specialization in Systems Analysis and Environmental Risk Assessment, and a minor in Numerical Analysis. Statistical analysis of a statewide leaking underground fuel tank (LUFT) environmental database formed the basis for his dissertation research. He was part of the LLNL team that pointed out the danger to California groundwater from the gasoline additive MTBE, and he continues to assess it on an economic and environmental basis.

Keith Hornbacher
Hulett & Associates, LLC

Keith D. Hornbacher, MBA, specializes in project risk management in the aerospace/defense, energy, pharmaceutical, medical devices, and health care sectors in North America and Europe.

Mr. Hornbacher has managed teams of risk analysts while pioneering Monte Carlo simulation of complex project risks. Among signature achievements are analyzing cost/schedule risks of stealth aircraft prototypes, off-shore oil drilling platforms, and large diameter cross country natural gas pipelines. His project experience in private and public sectors ranges from mega-projects to innovative startups.

As an Affiliated Faculty member, University of Pennsylvania, he teaches graduate project risk management courses. In addition, Mr. Hornbacher conducts seminars for the Project Management Institute and industry clients.

Leigh A. Hostetter
Senior Economist

Leigh Hostetter specializes in high level data analysis and modeling techniques.  She worked in environmental economic consulting for three years, and spent a year as an Equity Advisor on Wall Street before taking her current position.  Leigh’s professional experience includes membership with the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (AERE), presenting research at AERE’s 2004 Camp Resources, and publishing a paper with the American Agricultural Economics Association (AAEA).  She received a B.A. in Economics from Skidmore College in 2002 with highest honors, and was the recipient of the 2002 Weiss Prize for achievement in economic research.

Howard Duncan
Software Engineer
Palisade Corporation

Howard has worked as a software engineer at Palisade since 1999, where his most recent responsibilities include the development of the @RISK Library. He has been involved in software and product development for 27 years, as design engineer at Eastman Kodak and more recently as a development manager for Smith Corona Corporation. He has several U.S. patents related to process control and data encoding, and holds a BS in Mathematics/Computer Science.

Clayton Graham
DePaul University, Chaos Group, Inc., Analytical Advantages, LLC

Clay Graham is an adjunct professor of Statistics and Economics at DePaul University. He holds senior positions with the Chaos Group, Inc. and Analytical Advantages,LLC where he functions as a management consultant specializing in analytical and graphic econometrics. His formal education includes a B.S. from Purdue and graduate degrees in Economics (M.A.) and Business (M.B.A. - Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University). He was a NASA Scholar (National Aeronautical and Space Administration) during his Ph.D. studies at Northwestern (concentration in advanced large scale computer modeling and mathematical simulation.) Clay has functioned in various advisory capacities to Purdue and Northwestern Universities.

His entrée into the education field first came while a volunteer for a citizens group in Barrington (evaluating academics, finances and taxes). During that project, creation of integrated databases and innovative statistical modeling drew the interest of many professionals and resulted in his presentations to: The White House, Illinois State Board of Education, Center for Governmental Studies (Northern Illinois University) and many boards of education.

Prior to his current undertakings, he was CEO of an upstart aerospace, laser mapping and engineering firm. He’s brought with him years of practical management and leadership experience from the metal finishing industry where he owned and operated his own firms in the Chicago area. He introduced effective statistical process control technology to many firms including: Motorola, Siemens and Ford. He served that industry by being president of the local trade association, a director of several national alliances and sitting on industry standardization and quality committees.

Prior to running his own companies, Graham was with one of the world's foremost Management Consulting firms - A.T.Kearney, lnc. where he introduced cutting edge computer and mathematical modeling to the transportation and service distribution industries. Clay has written and published extensively in the areas of: profitability and control, marketing, financial risk, computer integrated manufacturing and technology. He has been a featured and keynote speaker at many trade association and professional conclaves. He was awarded the top technical paper in the world at the SECOND ASIAN METAL FINISHING FORUM (part of the Tokyo World Exposition). At INTEREX EUROPE (Hewlett-Packard users) he presented an award winning work on a fully integrated system of research and development, process control and management integrating: personal computers, micro-systems, programmable controllers and digital-analog interfaces. He was also the subject of a press conference by Alteon Networks at Networld + Interop (Atlanta 1998) where he introduced the first commercial application of large file transfer incorporating “Jumbo Frame Technology”.

Clay and his companies have been the subject of articles in Forbes, Business Week, Modern Metals, Industrial Finishing and Arthur Andersen's Small Business Forum. In addition, the methods incorporated in the management of his firms have been utilized in academic case studies in the United States and Western Europe. He was selected to speak on “The Management of Professional Advisors” before a joint session of the American Bar Association and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

He has served as an Advisor to the White House and Members of Congress in the areas of economics, environmental control and management strategy.

Dr. David T. Hulett
Hulett & Associates, LLC

David Hulett consults and trains in project risk management and scheduling through his firm, Hulett & Associates, LLC of Los Angeles. His clients have included companies in many industries: oil and gas, construction, pharmaceutical development and plant construction, transportation, communications, IT, large science, and aerospace and defense. He has consulted for several US Government agencies including Defense and Energy department agencies, the General Services Administration and the Government Accountability Office. Dr. Hulett focuses on qualitative and quantitative cost and schedule risk analysis and on project scheduling. Clients of Hulett & Associates, LLC are in the US, the Far East, South America and the Middle-East.

Dr. Hulett was project manager for the Risk Management chapter, of the Project Management Institute’s PMBOK® Guide in 2000 and the 3PrdP Edition. Dr. Hulett has been a member of the Core Committee for the PMI Practice Standard for Scheduling and is the Deputy Project Manager of the PMI Practice Standard for Risk Management. He has served as Director of Technology Development of the PMI RiskSIG and as the Director for Schedule Risk of the College of Scheduling.

Dr. Hulett has held strategic planning positions at TOSCO, an oil company, and at TRW in aerospace and defense. In the Federal government, Dr. Hulett managed offices in the Federal Energy Agency, Department of Energy and the Office of Management and Budget. He was an Instructor in the Economics Department at Harvard University. His Ph.D. in Economics is from Stanford and B.A. from Princeton.

Michael A. Kubica, MBA, MS
Sr. Scientist, Econometric Modeling
Applied Quantitative Sciences, Inc.

Michael is Founder and President of Applied Quantitative Sciences, Inc. He has over 18 years experience within the healthcare industry, and has been providing quantitative sciences consultancy since 1999. Michael has extensive experience in providing quantitative decision support solutions for leading pharmaceutical, medical device/diagnostics, and biotechnology companies, addressing a wide range of business issues. Prior to establishing AQS, Michael Held the position of Vice President, Operations for Magellan Health Services. During his career Michael has also held positions of Director of Quality Management, Regional Director of Business Operations & Finance, and Hospital Administrator. Throughout his career, Michael employed sophisticated quantitative methods to forecast performance, streamline operations, and improve quality. Michael has an MBA and Master’s of Science in psychology. He serves Adjunct Professor of Research Design and Statistical Analysis at St. Thomas University in Miami, FL.

Applied Quantitative Sciences, Inc. (AQS) is a consultancy specializing in assisting medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies make decisions under conditions of complexity and uncertainty. They are a market leader in providing simulation and optimization models which are used by industry leaders for the purposes of forecasting, new technology valuation, business and strategic planning, supply chain management, and resource planning.

Clark Lowery
Director, Capacity and Performance Engineering
CheckFree Investment Services

With degrees in accounting/finance, computer science, and funds management, Mr. Lowery has spent 25 years in private industry after military time with the 101st Airborne.

For 15 years, he provided consulting expertise to the nuclear industry for operations and maintenance systems and processes, and then moved into the financial services industry in a succession of IT roles.

Most recently Mr. Lowery has built an IT engineering division for CheckFree Electronic Commerce, and then taken on the same role for Investment Services (after a Fiserv/CheckFree merger). In this role he acquired extensive experience with many facets of IT operations and management, and became recognized as a leader in the field of IT performance management.

Mr. Lowery serves as the IT liaison to Fiserv’s largest funds management clients and frequently presents technical solutions to client challenges as part of an ongoing client relationship-management program.

Dr. Jack Mason
Vice President
E Source/Energy Window

Dr. Mason is currently a Vice President with E Source and leads the company’s business serving large multiple facility companies with energy conservation, supply management, and sustainability tools and services. He was previously chief executive and founder of EnergyWindow, a business-to-business electronic commerce firm that provides an online platform and associated tools which business energy buyers use to procure energy and manage supply. He has contributed and participated in the development of competitive energy markets and standards in various states as well as nationally. He has assisted more than 100 national companies source more than $1 billion in energy supply in virtually every competitive energy market in North America.

Previously he was senior vice president of The Indus Energy Group, supporting senior industry executives in developing and implementing strategies to improve energy organization and energy asset performance, value, and risk. Prior to that, he was a vice president of an executive consulting firm that provided assistance to senior executives in the electric power industry in strategic planning, organizational change, and performance improvement. Concurrently, he was an adjunct graduate faculty member and instructor in the Engineering Management Program at the University of Colorado. Prior to that he served as president of a publicly traded professional services company with approximately $40 million annual revenue and 350 employees providing management consulting, energy and facility engineering, environmental services, and information systems for the power and other industries and government clients.

In 1989 and 1990, he was a Sloan Fellow at MIT’s Sloan School of Management participating in an intensive 12-month program of academics and research in the US, Japan, and Europe. Prior to that, he served as manager and executive of various engineering and management consulting firms. He served as an officer in the US Navy nuclear power submarine program. He has 40 year of energy industry experience.

Education: BS, U.S. Naval Academy 1966; MS, Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1973; ScD, Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1976; MS, Management, Sloan School of Management, 1990.

Frank McGowan
Senior Economist
Market Forecasting
British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority (BC Hydro)

Frank S. McGowan is a Senior Economist with BC Hydro. He has a MS in Mathematics form New York University (Courant Institute) and a MA in Economics from the University of Alberta. He has taught mathematics at NYU, SUNY and Hofrtra University. At present he is working on stochastic forecasting models for load forecasting and for price forecasting. His experience includes work in applied mathematics and econometrics in a variety of industries including aerospace, medical research, telecommunications and electric power.

Dr. William J McKibbin
Consultant to Management
McKibbinUSA, LLC

Dr William J McKibbin is a consultant to management specializing in strategic and operational planning, business modeling, risk analysis, financial engineering, systems integration, process design, project management, due diligence, turnarounds, executive coaching, and team leadership. Dr McKibbin's client list includes names such as Intel, Oracle, Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson, Pfeizer, Guggenheim Capital, and others. Dr McKibbin has been in professional practice serving companies, boards, and executives in various capacities as consultant, director, and interim management since 1998.

Sam McLafferty
President and CEO
Palisade Corporation

Sam McLafferty is Palisade's founder, president, and CEO. He started the company in 1984 with the release of PRISM, a stand-alone Monte Carlo simulation package for DOS on the PC. PRISM later evolved into @RISK for Lotus 1-2-3, and then for Excel. Sam is Palisade's lead developer, with over thirty years of programming experience. He works closely with the technical and sales staff, ensuring that customer feedback is heard. He personally oversees the development and evolution of every one of the fifteen software products Palisade sells. Prior to Palisade, he was a risk analysis consultant.

Jason L.G. Mewis, P.Eng.
ENGCOMP Engineering & Computing Professionals Inc.

As the founder and president of ENGCOMP, Jason has over 12 years of experience working on projects for the heavy industrial market in Saskatchewan, as both a Senior Structural Engineer and Project Manager. Over the course of the last seven years, Jason has concentrated his efforts on front-end project planning and risk analysis.

Jason is a registered professional engineer with permission to consult in Saskatchewan, Alberta & British Columbia for industrial, commercial, and residential projects. He is experienced in many areas including project management, estimating, planning, and structural engineering. What distinguishes him is his specialized training in risk analysis and computer programming. Combining this experience with a strong problem-solving background and project execution track record gives Jason a unique skill set that is invaluable to ENGCOMP’s clients on many fronts.

Dr. Roy Nersesian
Professor, School of Business
Monmouth University

B.S. Physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute followed by 8 years in the U.S. Navy with last position as Chief Engineer on a Polaris submarine. Graduated from Harvard Business School with a MBA and worked for a shipping company, a bank in shipping finance, and a consultant for a ship brokerage firm, and finally a professor at the School of Business, Monmouth University. He has written several books, one of which is Corporate Financial Risk Management published by Praeger Press, 2004 from which the presentation is drawn. His most recent book is Energy in the 21st Century published by M. E. Sharpe. He is also associated with the Center of Energy and Marine Transportation at Columbia University where @RISK simulation is an integral part of his course in quantitative analysis.

Dr. Javier Ordóñez
Training Consultant
Palisade Corporation
Advanced Programs Radar Systems, Lockheed Martin

Javier Ordóñez holds a BS in Civil Engineering from the Universidad de Cuenca, Ecuador and a M.S. in Project Management from the University of Maryland. Javier earned his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland performing research on project risk analysis; his current research deals with cost and schedule integration and correlation issues through the use of Bayesian belief networks.

His experience is in the area of construction and project management, optimal project and capital investments selection, earned value management, engineering and project risk analysis and operations research applications to engineering and management problems.

He has taught as an adjunct professor in the Project Management Program at University of Maryland, and provides training in risk and decision analysis. He is also registered as a Project Management Professional (PMP).

Jorge Pica
Operations Deputy Manager, Electronic Sytems - LSS Black Belt
Lockheed Martin

Jorge Pica currently serves as the Deputy Program Manager for Weather Radar Programs - Advanced Programs Radar Systems. He is a certified LSS Black Belt and has several years experience implementing DFSS techniques/tools on several Missile Defense Programs within Lockheed Martin. He is a graduate of Brigham Young University and Lockheed Martin’s Leadership Development Program.

George Pesansky
VP Customer Solutions

George Pesansky is a thought leader in the area of Knowledge Transfer and Results Replication. As a Master Black Belt, Lean and Six Sigma Trainer, George has developed over 500 continuous improvement professionals and facilitated the development of Continuous Improvement and Knowledge Transfer efforts at companies such as Starwood Hotels, National Starch and Chemical, Henkel, MeadWestvaco, Huhtamaki, MGM, Halliburton, Encana, Weitz, H.J. Heinz, and the U.S. Department of Defense. As the innovator of the Success Modes Effects Analysis (SMEA), he has created new fusion between the traditional roles of Continuous Improvement and Knowledge Management. George is also a qualified Meyers Briggs Type Indicator facilitator and speaks annually at NYU about the MBTI profile in Continuous Improvement and Knowledge Transfer.

Scott Randall
Business Manager-Risk Management Services
Lloyd's Register North America

Presenting a robust framework for ensuring reliable input data- including qualitative and quantitative tools and a step by step approach for validating information.

Scott Randall is an enterprise risk manager with over 25 years of experience across the fields of financial and operational risk management, international marketing, strategic planning, and infrastructure project development. Currently he leads the risk management consulting practice for Lloyd’s Register in the Americas. Over the course of his career, he has taught and lectured on enterprise risk management and international market intelligence techniques at numerous parastatal and investor-owned oil and gas companies. Randall received a BS in Civil Engineering from Michigan Technological University, an MBA in International Management from Thunderbird and has done post graduate work in energy risk management at the University of Houston and Rice University. He is author of a new book published by PennWell Publishing entitled, Energy, Risk and Competitive Advantage, The Information Imperative.

Dr. Terence Reilly
Associate Professor
Babson College

Since coming to Babson College, Dr. Reilly has focused much of his attention on how best to educate his students. He has spearheaded curriculum changes in the graduate and undergraduate management science classes. He has been awarded a grant to implement cooperative learning in the classroom and was an invited speaker at the Teaching of Management Science Conference, University of Indiana, 2000. Dr. Reilly has also developed a distance learning course in decision analysis with the Babson/Intel MBA program.

Dr. Reilly's research interests include decision analysis, sensitivity analysis, copulas (multivariate distributions), and applied statistics. Other areas of expertise are in decision and risk analysis and simulations models. He has been published in Management Science, Decision Sciences, Structural Equation Modeling, and Sociological Methods and Research. He is also co-author with Bob Clemen of Making Hard Decisions with DecisionTools.

Mark Robson
Oliver Wyman

Mark Robson is a Partner at Oliver Wyman. He has over 20 years experience in developing leading edge approaches risk analytics from both quantitative and qualitative perspectives. He specializes in designing tools enabling clients to conduct risk adjusted strategic planning, capital budgeting, portfolio modeling, commodity hedging and mitigation optimization. His experience spans from energy, chemical, technology companies through to international financial institutions and insurance companies. His projects all relate to using risk knowledge to optimize the risk - return trade off. This includes transforming ERM from a compliance exercise to an enterprise value optimization strategy.

Recently Mark has been helping organizations build risk models to understand and manage investments in large capital projects. These tools alert management to issues while there is still time for strategic responses. Some of the key wins for his clients have been in designing the terms of commercial agreements to ensure the amount of downside protection embedded is commiserate with the upside traded away. Mark graduated with Honors Bachelor of Mathematics, Actuarial Science from University of Waterloo.

Basil Stumborg
Senior Business Strategy Advisor, Finance Group
BC Hydro and Power Corporation, Canada

The mandate of the Finance Group is to support better decision making across the company. This means both introducing, teaching, and carrying out structured decision making processes as well as supporting best practice around risk analysis and communication.

I’m just completing the decision analysis / risk assessment for BC Hydro’s Long Term Acquisition Plan for meeting the Province’s energy needs. This work is included the introduction of a Risk Framework to help characterize the uncertainty around the supply and demand side options as well as to capture the key uncertainties on the planning horizon such as GHG offset costs, demand growth, natural gas prices etc.

My other current role is to set up and promulgate Triple Bottom Line decision-making across the company. This structured decision making approach incorporates tools from decision analysis and risk analysis in a way that allows multiple objective tradeoffs to be done rigorously and transparently.

I’ve done graduate work in Economics (MSc and beyond) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where my interest was in choice under uncertainty and the valuation of non-market goods. I also have my MA in economics from McGill University.

Thompson Terry
Training Consultant
Palisade Corporation

Thompson Terry is a dedicated member of Palisade’s training and consulting staff. With ten years of experience at Palisade, including eight in technical support, he is recognized as an expert in all Palisade software products and their applications.

Thompson has led numerous regional training seminars on risk and decision analysis and provided customized onsite training in a variety of industries including insurance, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, defense, and food safety. Clients Thompson has trained include: The Hartford, Unilever, Duratek, Eastman Chemical, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, National Rail (UK), RWE Thames Water (UK), National Gas Company of Trinidad & Tobago, Stone & Webster, and Northrop-Grumman.

Thompson is also on the board of directors of a local credit union’s not-for-profit, community development investment fund. He holds a BS in Agricultural Economics from Cornell University with specializations in economics, marketing, and finance.

Poh Boon Ung
Principal Economist

Mr. Ung is a Principal Economist with ARCADIS and specializes in quantitative decision analysis. He has helped numerous clients identify optimal strategies in light of uncertainties for various environmental issues. Some of his recent models include assessment of dredging and remediation strategies, redevelopment options and evaluation of various restoration projects. In addition to developing decision analysis and statistical models, Mr. Ung manages projects related to water and air regulatory programs. He has prepared cost-benefit assessments for different environmental regulations involving power generating stations, off-road engines, and other environmental impacts from air emissions. He is also experienced in conducting natural resource damage assessments (NRDAs) and has been involved in various assessments throughout the United States. Mr. Ung holds an M.A. in Economics from the University of Michigan and a B.A. in Economics and Mathematics from Brandeis University, summa cum laude, where he is a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

Erik Westwig
Software Engineer
Palisade Corporation

Erik Westwig receivedhis B.Sc. in 1991 and M.Sc. in 1994from the applied and engineering physics department at Cornell University. In 1998 he published the book, Mathematical Physics with co-author Bruce Kusse, which was just re-released in its second edition. Since 1995 Erik has worked as a software engineer at Palisade as part of the DecisionTools Suite development team.

Henry Yennie
Program Manager
State of Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals

Henry Yennie is currently a manager with the Emergency Preparedness section of the Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals and supports the State Health Officer in emergency preparedness planning and response. He served in the Family Assistance Center after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005 and is placed in the State Emergency Operations Center for Hurricanes Gustav and Ike this year.

He was formerly the Principal of CNH Consulting and Senior Partner with L3 P Associates, LLC. He has 25 years of professional experience in behavioral health, child welfare, and managed care. Prior to his work with CNH Consulting and L3 P Associates, he has worked as a Senior Associate for OPEN MINDS; as Vice President of Managed Care Services for a managed care organization; and as Administrator for a local community mental health center.

He has worked in management and operations in both service delivery and managed care settings, and he has extensive experience in capitation and case rate development, IT strategy and deployment, financial management, and Activity Based Cost Management. He has presented at many national conferences and has published extensively on various topics.

A graduate of the LSU School of Social Work, he is a licensed social worker and a member of the Healthcare Financial Management Association.





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