2014 Palisade Regional Risk Conferences: Best Practices in Risk and Decision Analysis

Risk & Decision Analysis Conference Draws Record Attendance
Palisade’s Risk & Decision Analysis Conference was held in New York City on November 13 and 14 drew over 150 practitioners and decision-makers from a broad spectrum of industries.  The event was held at the Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson, overlooking lower Manhattan.  Presentations and discussions touched on topics such as the subprime mortgage crisis, modeling flu pandemics, project risk management, and energy demand planning.  The keynote was delivered by Harvard School of Public Health’s Dr. Kimberly Thompson, who discussed critical issues in the current Age of Risk Management, citing examples from public health and other areas.

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“It was great to see such a large and diverse delegation,” noted Palisade President Sam McLafferty.  “All participants brought significant insights to the table.  The quality of discussion was exceptional.”

The widely-held view of the delegation was that the conference content was both high-caliber and practical.  Many commented on the need for quantitative uncertainty analysis in their organizations, and planned to use knowledge gained at the event in their work.  Cisco Systems’ Robert Lake noted, “Palisade is leading the way with tools and expertise to enable risk managers across all industries.”

The software-focused track was more popular than ever.  The soon-to-be-released @RISK 5.5 debuted to much enthusiasm, and many applications of DecisionTools Suite 5.0 products working together were shown.  Delegates were able to walk through examples and try the tools for themselves, enabling them to take some new tips back to their offices.

The forum wasn’t all work, however.  Over the two days, participants relaxed and networked over drinks and dinner at O’Connell’s Bar & Grille as well as the Hyatt’s Vu Lounge, offering spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline. 

The conference wraps up Palisade’s 2008 conference series, which included events in London and Medellín, Colombia.

Testimonials from
Conference Attendees

“I found the conference quite informative and filled with useful information that I can incorporate into my classes immediately.”
Robert Nydick, Villanova University

“Palisade is leading the way with tools and expertise to enable risk managers across all industries.”
Robert Lake, Cisco Systems

“Ed Biernat’s Six Sigma presentation was absolutely dynamic.  Basil Stumborg’s British Hydro case study was an excellent discussion of process to elucidate probability distribution functions from subject matter experts.  The facility was outstanding.”
Thomas Burke, Deloitte Consulting

“The conference staff was very helpful, and the participants I met were very interesting.”
Peter Eppel, Remsen Strategy Consulting Group


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