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Palisade is pleased to welcome these top consultants and experts from the energy sector as presenters at the Energy Risk Analysis Forum. Alphabetical by last name:

David Brady, P. Eng., PMP
Major Projects Risk Manager
Suncor Energy

David has over 30 years of EPC experience where he has developed his skills from working on small to very large international projects predominantly in the petrochemical, mining, metallurgical, and heavy construction business sectors, both in the engineering office and at site. He is presently Suncor Energy’s Major Projects Risk Manager for Mining Extraction and Upgrading projects. David’s work involves advising and helping on risk processes, developing and implementing procedures to provide qualitative and quantitative risk programs, and auditing project risk programs projects ranging in value from $100 Million to over $4 Billion dollars. In addition to being a Professional Engineer, he is also an active member within the Project Management Institute’s Risk Special Interest Group and the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International (AACEi).

Coim Janakiraman
CSJ Training & Consulting

Coim is the President and founder of the consulting company. He brings more than thirty years of strategic planning, project management, mathematical modelling experience into the company. Coim’s professional involvement includes senior analyst and engineering positions. He has an M.A.Sc, Univ. of British Columbia (specializing in engineering). He completed graduate courses in risk analysis, economics, and operations research at McGill University and Carleton University.

Micheal Lanham
Software Development Manager
Weatherford Advanced Geotechnology

Micheal Lanham is the Software Development Manager for Advanced Geotechnology, a software and consulting firm acquired by Weatherford International in November 2006. Micheal has been responsible for new developments and support for Advanced Geotechnology’s two software products ROCKSBank™ and STABView™. He previously worked as a consultant on a variety of game and graphics development projects for clients in Australia, Canada, Middle East and the US. He has also contributed to a number of white papers on Microsoft .NET for Sun Microsystems and Microsoft. His experience in software graphics development has lead to the development of a several new graphical outputs for STABView including a 3D well visualization component.

Pat McLellan, P.Eng.
General Manager
Weatherford Advanced Geotechnology

Pat McLellan, P.Eng. is the general manager for Advanced Geotechnology in Calgary, Alberta. He has more than 27 years of experience in petroleum engineering consulting, research and software development projects gained with integrated energy companies, service companies and consulting firms.

Jason L.G. Mewis, P.Eng.
ENGCOMP Engineering & Computing Professionals Inc.

As the founder and president of ENGCOMP, Jason has over 12 years of experience working on projects for the heavy industrial market in Saskatchewan, as both a Senior Structural Engineer and Project Manager. Over the course of the last seven years, Jason has concentrated his efforts on front-end project planning and risk analysis.

Jason is a registered professional engineer with permission to consult in Saskatchewan, Alberta & British Columbia for industrial, commercial, and residential projects. He is experienced in many areas including project management, estimating, planning, and structural engineering. What distinguishes him is his specialized training in risk analysis and computer programming. Combining this experience with a strong problem-solving background and project execution track record gives Jason a unique skill set that is invaluable to ENGCOMP’s clients on many fronts.

Mark Robson
Oliver Wyman

Mark Robson is a Partner at Oliver Wyman. He has over 20 years experience in developing leading edge approaches risk analytics from both quantitative and qualitative perspectives. He specializes in designing tools enabling clients to conduct risk adjusted strategic planning, capital budgeting, portfolio modeling, commodity hedging and mitigation optimization. His experience spans from energy, chemical, technology companies through to international financial institutions and insurance companies. His projects all relate to using risk knowledge to optimize the risk - return trade off. This includes transforming ERM from a compliance exercise to an enterprise value optimization strategy.

Recently Mark has been helping organizations build risk models to understand and manage investments in large capital projects. These tools alert management to issues while there is still time for strategic responses. Some of the key wins for his clients have been in designing the terms of commercial agreements to ensure the amount of downside protection embedded is commiserate with the upside traded away.

Mark graduated with Honors Bachelor of Mathematics, Actuarial Science from University of Waterloo.

John G. Zhao, MSc.
Manager, Project Risk Management
StatoilHydro Canada Limited

John Zhao has 22 years project management experience petrochemical industry. He has authored many papers and made numerous presentations worldwide on the subject of risk and contingency management. In the past 10 years, John has developed his expertise in cost engineering and risk analysis for large downstream and oilsands upstream projects across Canada. His extensive knowledge in construction project qualitative risk assessment process has made him one of subject matter of experts in North America; his proprietary Monte Carlo model using @RISK is one of popular tools for project contingency and escalation simulation. The quantitative model that John has built has integrated @RISK with PrecisionTree to help corporations to conduct risk-based strategic decision-makings.



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