2014 Palisade Regional Risk Conferences: Best Practices in Risk and Decision Analysis
2007 Palisade User Conference Europe Triples Attendance

@RISK 5.0 Among Highlights
Riding on the success of its inaugural User Conference series in 2006, Palisade Corporation doubled the number of presentations and tripled the attendance mark for its 2007 User Conference Europe.  Held in at Trinity House in London on 23-24 April, the event attracted over 110 practitioners, academics, and consultants from across the UK and the continent.

Palisade Europe Managing Director Craig Ferri noted, “The larger audience and positive feedback clearly indicates that we’ve struck a chord in the risk management arena of Europe.”  Ferri continued, “The blend of real world case studies, software presentations, and round-table discussions is an ideal format for this professional gathering to grow in prominence.”

@RISK 5.0 and Excel 2007

Sam McLafferty, President and CEO of Palisade Corporation provided an overview of the new @RISK 5.0, and several sessions provided hands-on training with this new release.  The response was overwhelmingly positive.  Soon to be released in beta, @RISK 5.0 and its companion products in the DecisionTools Suite will set new standards in the risk and decision science marketplace.

Attendees also spoke with Dany Hoter, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Corporation, who explained the latest modelling improvements in Excel 2007 and how it can streamline risk and decision analyses.  

Diverse Delegation

Customers that took part in the European event included: Unilever, PricewaterhouseCoopers, DNV, Grosvenor Ltd, Hungarian Oil and Gas, University of Dundee, Infineon, Captum Capital Limited, Project Management Institute, Swedish Nuclear Fuel, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, and many more.

Just a very quick word of thanks for inviting me to the Users Conference, which was excellent. I found it very thought provoking and learned a lot from the different speakers.
Dr. Michael Brand, Captum Capital Limited

Firsthand industry case studies on the applications of risk and decision analysis in sectors as diverse as real estate, nuclear energy, capital project management, finance, aerospace and defence rounded out the schedule, while the value of networking with other decision-makers offered an invaluable complement to the event’s success.

The London conference was the first in a global series of Palisade User Conferences in 2007 that includes events in Sydney, Australia, Miami, Florida, and San José, Costa Rica

“The conference was a helpful mixture of case studies, software presentations and discussions covering the difficulties and advantages of risk management.”
- Dr Tilo Nemuth, Bilfinger Berger

“Just a very quick word of thanks for inviting me to the Users Conference, which was excellent.  I found it very thought provoking and learned a lot from the different speakers.”
- Dr. Michael Brand, Captum Capital Limited

“I congratulate you for the quality of the event and the transmission of an excellent image of Palisade.  I’ve attended many similar events and, I can certainly say, Palisade’s has been a top level one.”
- Arturo Gayoso –Soluziona

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