Conference Program
The 2006 Palisade User Conference will offer several different sample tracks over two days which will enable you to sample a variety of different types of sessions. You are free to choose which sessions interest you the most, and popular sessions will be offered more than once.

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@RISK 5.0 and the DecisionTools Suite 5.0 Unveiled
Get the first-ever look at the all-new @RISK 5.0 and its new companion products in the DecisionTools Suite, PrecisionTree and TopRank, comprehensively revised to respond to customer requests and to take advantage of the improvements incorporated in Excel 2007.

Hands-On Workshops
These are hands-on software training classes. Computers are provided so you can follow along as an expert instructor walks through real-life example models that demonstrate how to use @RISK, the DecisionTools Suite, and other leading tools. You will come away with notes, example files, and an understanding of how you can get more from your spreadsheet than you ever thought possible.

Best Practices
The Best Practices sessions are led by experienced consultants who demonstrate how to apply smart modeling techniques in Excel to best represent your situation. Chances are, your spreadsheet models don't capture the real picture, and these sessions will show you how to structure your models properly to avoid dangerous pitfalls. Combine with Hands-On Workshops to get the most out of your models using @RISK and other Palisade software.

Industry Case Studies
Hear users in the field describe how they applied @RISK and other innovative tools to their real-life problems. An invaluable compliment to traditional "book learning," Industry Case Studies illustrate how a little creative thinking can solve problems in ways never before imagined. Professionals from a variety of industries will be presenting, with possible sectors including: oil and gas, financial securities, manufacturing, and insurance.

Software Presentation and Discussion
Here’s your chance to get exposure to the latest in risk, decision, and data analysis software. Learn about the DecisionTools Suite, Palisade Developer’s Kits, and NeuralTools directly from developers who wrote them. Plus, get a “sneak peek” at the upcoming release of PrecisionTree.

Meet Palisade Developers
Palisade’s top software engineers will be on-hand for exciting roundtable discussions. You’ll be able to provide feedback about Palisade tools and seek advice for your particular modeling issues. So bring your wish list and get to know the people behind @RISK, the DecisionTools Suite, and NeuralTools.

Keynote Address
Trends, trends, trends. Where have we come from and where are we going when it comes to risk? That's the focus of this dynamic presentation, designed to give a big-picture perspective on how risk affects us all, in ways we might not even realize.

Special Events
Lunches and breaks will be provided both days, giving you ample opportunity to network with other professionals and sessions leaders. In addition, a welcome reception and dinner will give you a chance to network further, learn how others approach risk, or simply enjoy a drink in a relaxed setting.


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