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Revay and Associates uses @RISK to Lead Alberta Airport Enterprise Risk Assessment

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» Revay and Associates uses
   @RISK to Lead Alberta Airport
   Enterprise Risk Assessment

» Lufthansa Wins Prestigious
   Award for Risk Control Tool
   Built using @RISK

» Schedules Announced for Risk
   Conferences in Copenhagen,
   Amsterdam, and Dubai

Case Study
» Undertaking Due Diligence on
   Property Portfolios using @RISK

@RISK Modeling Tips
» Leading PGA Golf Scores

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2013 Palisade Risk Conferences
The 2014 Risk Conferences are "must attend" events for quantitative risk and decision analysis professionals. Join us for an intensive day of software training presented by Palisade trainers and consultants, and real-world case studies presented by industry experts.
» Copenhagen: 31 March
» Amsterdam: 3 April
» Dubai: 8 April
» Bogotá: 13 May
» Madrid: 20 May
» Perth: 19 June
» Brisbane: 18 September
» London: 7 October
» Frankfurt: 9 October
» Johannesburg: 14 October
» Melbourne: 4 December

Regional Seminars
Sydney: 24-26 March
Perth: 16-18 June

Belo Horizonte:
  19-21 de março
Brasília: 9-11 de abril
São Paulo: 14-16 de maio
Rio de Janeiro: 28-30 de maio

Munich: 4-6 March
London: 4-6 March
Hamburg: 25-27 March
Dubai: 6-7 April
Johannesburg: 15-17 April
London: 22-24 April
Moscow: 23-25 April
Madrid: 21-22 May
London: 3-5 June
London: 19-20 June *
* Special Oil and Gas Focus

Latin America
Bogotá: 12 al 14 de marzo
Quito: 18 al 19 de marzo
Panamá: 18 al 20 de marzo
Santiago de Chile:
  2 al 4 de abril
Lima, Perú: 6 al 8 de mayo
México, DF: 13 al 15 de mayo

North America
Washington DC: 4-6 March
Los Angeles: 15-16 April
Chicago: 15-17 April
Houston: 22-24 April *
New York: 6-8 May **
Calgary: 4-6 June *
Toronto: 9-11 June
Boston: 10-12 June
  * Special Oil and Gas Focus
** Special Finance and Banking Focus


Live Web Training
Project Risk Assessment
using @RISK

24-25 February, 2pm-6pm ET

Decision-Making and
Quantitative Risk Analysis
using DecisionTools Suite

10-11 April, 9am-1pm ET
24-25 April, 9am-1pm ET


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Revay and Associates uses @RISK to Lead Alberta Airport Enterprise Risk Assessment
At first glance, the Fort McMurray Airport in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada would appear ordinary; it is a small airport authority, comprising a single runway, small terminal and serving a rural region removed from major metropolitan centers.

However, Fort McMurray Airport is the gateway to Canada’s Athabasca Oilsands, the second-largest oil deposit in the world after Saudi Arabia. This airport faces a number of unique challenges related to servicing one of the largest industrial construction projects in the world today. The unique challenges of the Fort McMurray airport include: unprecedented passenger growth, staffing constraints, infrastructure constraints, pressures from various stakeholder groups, the introduction of daily international flights, shifts in politics and even risks posed by the potential development of oil reserves beneath the airport site. Thus, the Fort McMurray Airport Authority (FMAA) turned to Revay and Associates Ltd. to assess the potential risks they face as an organization as they try to keep pace with the growth of the region, and Revay turned to @RISK to help with this analysis.

 » Read the full case study
 » More about Revay and Associates Ltd. 
 » More about Fort McMurray Airport 

Lufthansa Wins Prestigious Award for
Risk Control Tool Built using @RISK

Palisade continues to make an impact in the airline industry – this time, @RISK was used by the German airline company, Lufthansa, the largest airline in Europe. In 2012 alone, Lufthansa planes carried over 103 million passengers.

Last April, Lufthansa received an award from the International Controllers Association for building a risk control tool which aided in planning and risk management of aviation business trends. @RISK played a key role in Lufthansa's work, and Palisade is proud to have contributed to this award-winning work.

 » See the original article (in German)

Palisade 2014 Risk Conferences

Schedules Announced for Risk Conferences in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Dubai

Presenters include Deloitte Risk Services, Royal HaskoningDHV, LEGO Group, DSM, Saudi Aramco, Kuwait Petroleum

In their ninth year, the Palisade Risk Conferences have become “must attend” events for quantitative risk and decision analysis professionals. The schedules are set for Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Dubai. Each day promises a full slate of intensive software training by Palisade trainers, in-depth looks at risk modelling from industry experts, networking opportunties, and the chance to review your own model with Palisade consultants.

View the schedules for upcoming Risk Conferences:

Other 2014 dates include Bogotá, Madrid, Perth, Brisbane, London, Frankfurt, Johannesburg, and Melbourne, with more dates to be announced soon.

@RISK It was a great conference that was very well
      organized. The round tables were great. As
      always, I would highly recommend your
      conference to others. Lastly, @RISK 6 and
      the interface with MS Project is great.
Trial Versions

                        Timothy J. Havranek, MBA, PMP, Manager -
                        Business Solutions and Risk Management,
                        Vice President -Cardno Entrix


Case Study
Undertaking Due Diligence on Property Portfolios using @RISK
Founded in South Africa, the company RisqWorx was launched in 1999 with the belief that, because all organisational decisions involve making calculated risk / return judgements, evaluating and managing risk must therefore be an integral part of business activities. RisqWorx recognised that on occasion, Monte Carlo simulation needed to be incorporated in order that the likelihood and severity of risk associated with a project could be modelled and quantified, and capital set aside to mitigate this.

Based on RisqWorx’s previous successes, contacts in the property sector believed the @RISK tool could play a vital role in their operation. Common practice was to use the following simple calculation to determine whether to buy a particular property:

Profit = sale price – (purchase price + renovation/alteration/building costs)

However, this did not take into account variables that could substantially change, and potentially erode, the profit margins. RisqWorx’s @RISK model allows all the variables associated with property portfolios to be incorporated into the equation. These include the initial cost of the building, the construction and materials costs, the length of the building project, professional fees, interest rates and the sale price or rental yield (which is affected by the general economic climate and the commercial property market). As a result, they are able to make an informed decision about which property purchases will make sound investments for their portfolio.

 » Read the full case study

Product Spotlight
Leading PGA Golf Scores
Most PGA golf tournaments are played over 4 rounds, from Thursday to Sunday. If you follow the PGA, you have probably noticed that one or more golfers shoot really low scores, such as 7 or 8 under par, on Thursday. This might lead you to guess that the best score after all 4 rounds will be somewhere around 28 to 32 under par. However, this is almost never the case. The winning score is almost never nearly this low, as this @RISK simulation model illustrates. Is this because golfers don't do as well on the weekend, when the pressure is greatest?

 » Download the example model

The Cure for the Flaw of Averages, Using Palisade DecisionTools Suite to Visualize Risk and Uncertainty
Presented by: Andrew Pulvermacher, Nighthawk Intelligence
   21 March - 11am EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)
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